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Sharon M: A Family Reconnects After Addiction

Sharon M. is the mother of Matt M., a resident currently in Phase III, the sober living phase, of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  In the two years following Matt’s graduation from college with a degree in Engineering, his mother and family experienced the pain and anxiety that comes with having an active drug addict in […]

Melissa H: Restoring the Peace After Addiction

Melissa H. is the mother of Chris H., a resident current in Phase III of Turnbridge’s  sober living program.  As a result of his addiction, Chris’ family watched him transform from a fun loving, peaceful brother and son into an unrecognizable person.  Since Chris came to New Haven, his family has experienced the joy of […]

Sam R. Makes Great Strides Through Recovery

Kathryn R. is the mother of Sam R., a resident currently in the sober living phase (Phase III) of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care℠.  After struggling to maintain sobriety while living at home, Sam entered Turnbridge and has greatly matured while building a solid foundation in recovery. According to Kathryn, the progression of Sam’s addiction came as […]

Jeannie J: Overcoming Being a Mother of An Addict

Jeannie, the mother of Jonathan H., a current resident in phase 3, talks about the fear, heartache and profound moments of being a mother of an addict. “The call from the hospital late at night was the absolute darkest moment,” said Jeannie.  “Walking through the ER that night and hearing that Jonathan was okay, I […]

Jim and Barbara : How Our Son Broke Through the Stages of Addiction

Jim and Barbara F. are the parents of Dave, a successful graduate of the Turnbridge program.  As Dave progressed through various stages in his drug addiction, Jim and Barbara tried a wide range of interventions in order to help him.  For years, these drug treatment attempts were unsuccessful, but after Dave decided to turn his […]

Denise D: Learning How to Help Your Addicted Son

Denise D. is the mother of Craig, a successful graduate of the Turnbridge long term drug rehab program.  During Craig’s senior year of college he came to his family and asked for help with his drug addiction, and with their support and the help of Turnbridge’s addiction treatment program, Craig has worked hard and regained […]

Jane C: How My Son Recovered from a Battle with Addiction

Jane C. is the mother of Gordon D., a successful graduate of the Turnbridge long term drug rehab program.  During Gordon’s battle with addiction, his life and the lives of loved ones were affected, but Gordon has embraced recovery and continues to serve as a positive example to other young men in recovery. According to […]

Olin K, Sr – Committing to Recovery

Olin K., Sr. is the father of Olin, a recent resident of the Turnbridge long term drug rehab program.  Olin Jr. spent about ten months in the program, and in that time he has made remarkable progress.  He has committed himself to staying healthy, practicing the 12 steps, and he continues to work hard in […]

Carolyn B: How Her Son Was Saved with Professional Help for His Addiction

Caroline B. is the mother of Brian, a resident in Phase III of the Turnbridge long term drug rehab program.  After Brian was rushed to the hospital for overdosing during his senior year of high school, he and his family sought out professional help for his addiction.  Since coming to Turnbridge, Brian has maintained his […]

Lorraine – A Powerful Success Story of Her Son Embracing Recovery

Lorraine C. is the mother of Ryan, a resident in Phase III of the Turnbridge program. In the past, Ryan’s recovery attempts were largely unsuccessful, but since coming to Turnbridge he has embraced the program and made many positive changes. According to Lorraine, Ryan started smoking marijuana in high school, and his drug use quickly escalated. […]