Adolescent Extended Care

Separate extended care programs for boys and girls 16 to 17

Leading Adolescent and Teen Extended Care

Completely immersive programs of clinical, experiential, educational, and recreational programming that address every aspect of life for boys and girls 16 to 17 years of age.

Using the phased-programming extended care model developed by Turnbridge in 2003, gener-separate Turnbridge Adolescent Extended Care Programs help girls and boys 16 to 17 years of age develop clinical practice, life skills, physical and mental wellness, and resilience by gradually increasing independence and exposure to real-world stresses and situations.

Coordinated Care

Addressing Every Aspect of Client Life

Adolescent Extended Care Programs provide comprehensive treatment while helping clients develop self-agency, life skills, community, and independence.

Teens 16 and 17 years of age receive a full complement of coordinated, age-, and gender-appropriate treatment and supportive services in gender-separate programs. Like all Turnbridge extended care programs, clients receive integrated treatment from top professionals, attentive case management, psychoeducation, and skills training, and a broad range of experiential and recreational programming. They are also given the freedom to develop independent living skills and experience the growth and freedoms appropriate to children of this age group while being sufficiently supported and supervised by their care team.

Clients completing Boy’s or Girl’s Adolescent Extended Care Program or who turn 18 while in treatment transition to a Turnbridge Young Adult Extended Care Program, continue treatment at another provider, or return to their home environment.

Living Well

Modelling Holistic Wellness

Gender-specific Adolescent Extended Care Programs provide clients with the clinical, life skills, academic, vocational, and experiential support needed to restore overall mental and physical well-being, develop healthy relationships, and support their active daily practice of leading a healthy, goal-oriented lifestyle.

Teen girl meditating
Our Adolescent Extended Care Programs helps teens who are typically enrolled in high school to continue their academic journey or get the help they need to advance and matriculate. Some Extended Care Program clients take jobs in the local community or determine that they would like to pursue specific vocational paths. Turnbridge also helps clients find and safely establish relationships with local support groups when appropriate and beneficial.
The Turnbridge Team

Passionate Professionals

Multidisciplinary Treatment Leaders

All Turnbridge care team members and staff are exceptionally skilled, well-trained, and recruited for their abilities to form productive and positive therapeutic relationships with Turngridge clients. Turnbridge maintains a high staff-to-client ratio to provide clients and family members with easy access to team members, excellent communication, and comprehensive support across treatment disciplines.

Adolescent extended house living room

Supervised Independence

Safe places to heal, grow, and connect

Adolescent Extended Care Program environments are safe, supervised, gender-separate, and comfortable settings in which teens build supportive friendships and practice life and coping skills. Beautifully-appointed living quarters, chef’s kitchens, recreation areas, and study and learning spaces provide milieus conducive to healing, growth, and connection with peers and caregivers.

Bedroom at Middletown Ave.

Accessible Care

In-Network Provider

Turnbridge Adolescent Extended Care Programs accept insurance for a portion of the cost. We are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross, United Healthcare, and Optum plans, and can work with most other major insurance companies on an out-of-network basis. Please call at any time to speak with an admissions specialist who can help to verify your insurance information.
To speak with an informed and empathetic expert about our programs for adolescents, young women, and young men, call us at 877.581.1793 and ask to speak with Admissions.