Admissions Process

This is what you can expect when you call Turnbridge to discuss treatment.

You can expect to speak with a knowledgable and compassionate person who respects the importance of seeking help.

It takes a tremendous act of will for someone suffering from addiction to ask for help. The simple act of making a phone call to seek treatment is a monumentally important step toward restoring physical health, quality of life, relationship, and wellbeing. This opportunity must be respected and captured. This is why we work to ensure that every call we receive is given the care it deserves.

You can expect an informed, confidential discussion with someone who has the experience to assess your needs and determine if Turnbridge is the best treatment option.

Addiction affects people differently and not all treatment programs can meet the needs of all sufferers. Sometimes people need specialized care to treat severe medical or psychological issues that accompany addiction. We will listen to your addiction history and ask questions that will help us evaluate whether Turnbridge is your best treatment option. If we believe that you require a different type or level of care, we will work to recommend options that may better meet your needs.

You can expect to discuss financing treatment and insurance options.

Your Turnbridge admissions professional can help you estimate the cost of treatment based on your initial needs assessment. We will ask about your insurance coverage. Turnbridge is an Anthem Blue Cross and HUSKY in-network provider and can often work with other insurance companies out of network.

You can expect to discuss scheduling treatment.

Turnbridge will make every attempt to schedule treatment visits that work for your schedule. The number of appointments and types of care will determine how many treatment visits will be needed on a weekly or monthly basis.

Your call is important to us.
Call us at 877.575.0350 and press 1 for Admissions. An experienced and compassionate Turnbridge professional will answer your call, conduct a confidential phone screening, and help you determine if Turnbridge is the right solution for you. Click here if you feel more comfortable contacting our team via an online submission form.