The Practice

Practice Overview

Our Approach to Women’s Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

At Turnbridge, we believe that just as women are battling to redefine the cultural tropes of our rapidly changing society, they also must not be defined or limited by mental health disorders or addiction. We help the leaders, thinkers, mothers, and mentors of tomorrow understand that developing the love of self is the key to unlocking the authentic love of others, that stigma and shame have no hold on one’s feelings or future, and that a sisterhood forged in shared experience can provide a lifetime of support and sustenance. Our women’s mental health and addiction treatment program treats a young woman’s unique and multifaceted experience with a comprehensive approach. The psychology and physiology of the brain and body must be treated as a whole. Treatment occurs as a collaborative, holistic process.

Our young women’s mental health treatment program employs a comprehensive approach to treatment. Here, gender-responsive treatment practices seek to understand and treat a woman’s mind, body, and spirit. Through this process, a young woman comes to develop a strong sense of personal identity and insights to inform healthy relationships.

Here, we believe that the work of overcoming the grip of mental health disorder or addiction is an opportunity to learn how to successfully overcome any of life’s challenges. Our process helps young women to find and use their inherent value and potential to build a powerful platform for living a healthy, authentic life of her choosing.

Helping young women begin the lifelong process of living in recovery, easing the debilitating pain of trauma, and developing a strong sense of self requires learning while doing. Our program educates and trains young women in the strategies and tactics of living a healthful, fulfilled and purposeful life. We employ life skills training, case management, psychology, trauma therapy, fitness and nutrition, women’s health counseling, and community living to achieve renewed health, new outlook, and an empowered lifestyle. Our therapists, case managers and staff can impart skills, knowledge and philosophy that work, but it takes the will and dedication of each woman to change her own mind, find her own spirit, and activate her own power. This is a process through which a young woman learns that through perseverance, practice, and self-belief, she can become the strong, authentic, self-made individual she chooses to become.

Some clinical and therapeutic aspects of our women’s addiction treatment program include:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy & Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Trauma-Informed Therapy
  • Eating Disorder and Clinical Dietition Support
  • Stages of Change Therapeutic Approach
  • Psychological, Psycho-Social & Physiological Assessment and Treatment
  • Restoration and Preservation of Dignity & Purpose
  • Family Program & Familial Relationships
  • Daily Meditation
  • Art Therapy Program
  • Women’s Nutrition & Exercise
  • Programming guided by Relational Theory