The Program

Women’s Treatment Program Overview

The Turnbridge Preparative Care℠ Program and treatment center for Women was founded on the principle that overcoming any of life’s challenges is an opportunity to grow stronger. When a woman commits herself to battling addiction and dysfunction, she blazes a path toward lasting empowerment and respect that will fundamentally enrich her life and the lives of those around her.

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Turnbridge’s treatment center is designed to address significantly more than the treatment of women’s substance use and mental health disorders. Here, we believe that the women we welcome have yet to become their best selves.  Ours is not a process of “returning” to life prior to addiction, but of emerging into a new life of passion and promise. Our work is to facilitate this process of personal emergence through which women become the leaders, innovators, mothers, and mentors of tomorrow. Preparative Care uses a three-phased process and real-world practice to develop the skills, mentality, trust and love of self with which to overcome the grip of addiction, and to strive toward a joyous, healthful, and purposeful life after Turnbridge.