The Practice

Women’s Health

Young women thrive when gender-responsive healthcare and health education are provided in their treatment. Turnbridge, located minutes from Yale Medical School, ensures that young women have access to top quality medical care. We will help her arrange any and all necessary primary care or specialist appointments, and our clinical team will work appropriately with her providers to ensure integrated treatment.


Within their first week at Turnbridge, women have an opportunity to meet with a trauma-informed OB/GYN specialist for a basic primary care and consultative session. In addition to learning strong skills of daily living, we believe that learning to navigate and be an informed consumer of healthcare services is an invaluable life skill. While at Turnbridge, women become active participants in their healthcare. As they progress into Phase II, women become involved and accountable for scheduling and attending appointments. They continue to establish caring, trusting, collaborative relationships with providers. On-site, we provide the counseling services of a clinician dually certified in both women’s health and psychiatry who is able to relate to young women on a wide range of health topics as well as coordinating reproductive care, STI screening, and hormone therapy when appropriate.