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The preeminent mental health and addiction treatment program for young women

The Turnbridge Women’s Program provides complete mind, body, and spirit recovery to young women suffering from mental health disorders, such as trauma, addictions, eating disorders, and other co-occurring mental health conditions. Our gender-responsive residential program addresses the unique ways in which mental health disorders affect the physical, mental, and emotional health of young women.

Core to our practice is the three-phased program of therapy, experience, and structured living we call Preparative Care℠. Here, the goal is not a return to life before mental health disorder or addiction, but arrival at the exceptional life beyond it. To facilitate this transformative change, Turnbridge carefully cultivates the programs, practices, people and places that empower young women to change from within. Between life well-lived and life not lived, there is Turnbridge.

Turnbridge Academy

Turnbridge Academy is a comprehensive system of recovery-informed academic services designed to help our clients plan and pursue their educational goals and open the doors of opportunity and advancement.

Turnbridge Women’s Program

Turnbridge gives young women facing mental health, trauma, or co-occurring addiction the treatment, skills, and community they need to emerge from within themselves as stronger, more confident and more capable individuals. Through three phases of gender-responsive women’s programming, Turnbridge helps young women overcome the grip of mental health disorders and the crippling anguish of negative self image.

Every aspect of the Turnbridge Women’s Program is designed and maintained to reflect the deep respect we have for our clients, and the practice of helping young people. Dignified surroundings and a palpable dedication to the highest standard care help young women appreciate their inherent value, build self-esteem, and see the promise of successful treatment.

Accredited Gender-Responsive Young Women’s MENTAL HEALTH Treatment

Turnbridge is a mind, body, spirit mental health rehab program for young women facing mental health, trauma, or addiction.

Our women’s mental health treatment program combines a medical treatment model, supportive community living, and holistic activities designed to create a rounded approach to women’s mental health treatment.

We believe in the practical application of therapeutic and experiential lessons by gradually reintegrating young women into real world situations with all of its triggers and temptations. This practice builds a more realistic bridge to life after Turnbridge, and establishes the resilience necessary to remain in lasting recovery.

Our Comprehensive MENTAL HEALTH Rehabilitation Center

For more than 13 years, the people of Turnbridge have been innovating the most effective and comprehensive mental health and co-occurring disorder treatment for young people.

Our program is predicated on the understanding that each young woman heals in her own time. Here, there is no set expectation for program duration. Mental health problems or addictions vary greatly among each person. Trauma may also need to be addressed and treated. These are complex illnesses that require mental and physical healing.

Young Women’s MENTAL HEALTH Treatment in CT

At Turnbridge, young women receive comprehensive individual and group therapy in the offices of our mental health treatment center. Here, they develop rapport with the therapists who get to know them deeply, assess their unique experiences of mental health, trauma, or addiction and design a program best suited to their needs. Using CBT, DBT, EMDR and other therapeutic methods, our highly trained clinical team gradually helps women understand and treat their underlying mental health and emotional issues.

Turnbridge holds the highest level of Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation.