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The Turnbridge Young Women’s Program provides complete mind, body, and spirit recovery to young women suffering from trauma, mood disorders, substance use, eating disorders, and other mental health conditions. This gender-responsive residential program addresses the unique ways in which mental health disorders affect the physical, mental, and emotional health of young women.

Core to our practice is the three-phased program of therapy, experience, and structured living we call Preparative Care℠. Here, the goal is not a return to life before mental health disorder or addiction but arrival at the exceptional life beyond it. To facilitate this transformative change, Turnbridge carefully cultivates the programspracticespeople, and places that empower young women to change from within. Between life well-lived and life not lived, there is Turnbridge.

Behavioral Healthcare for Young Women

Addressing Every Aspect of Young Women's Lives

Gender- and trauma-informed women’s behavioral healthcare delivered through phased programming helps young women learn to make change while learning to manage mental health and substance use disorders, find and follow their passions, and aspire to new heights. Turnbridge young women’s programming is tailored to the needs and experiences of young women and includes gender-specific curriculum, treatment, and activities that help them feel comfortable while addressing the underlying issues that contribute to behavioral health problems.


The Turnbridge Young Women’s Program addresses every aspect of client life using our EMPWR care model, which addresses Emotional Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Work Ethic, and Relational Health. All programming is oriented toward women’s health needs. Turnbridge clients receive integrated, personalized programming that includes medical care, psychiatry, nursing, psychotherapies, academic counseling and services, experiential therapies, fitness, nutritional counseling, and plentiful recreational and relationship-building activities.

The Turnbridge Young Women’s Program is ideally suited for clients experiencing complex mental health or substance use disorders. Separate mental health and substance use tracks make treatment more effective and relevant by targeting therapies, supports, and education around condition-specific needs.

Excellence and Alliance

Superb Treatment And Universal Support

The Turnbridge Young Women’s Program offers unmatched treatment quality, innovation, and personalization while enveloping clients and families in positivity and support. Through the highest-quality therapies, immersive experience, education, and a positive community of peers and caregivers, young women and family members receive an array of services that help clients and family systems support healthy lifestyles, communication, and recovery.


Helping young women overcome the challenges of behavioral health conditions requires a comprehensive approach. At Turnbridge, excellent, eidence-based treatment is thoughtfully combined with Recovery In Motion experiential and movement therapies, mindfulness practice, academic counseling and support services, numerous recreational and relationship-building activities, into an individualized care plan designed for holistic personal growth, self-agency, and lasting clinical outcomes.
The Turnbridge Team

Here, It's Personal


The Turnbridge Young Women’s Program employs leading women’s health experts, including specialists in trauma therapy, eating disorders, and gender-informed care. At Turnbridge, every doctor, nurse, psychotherapist, case manager, and other specialist is attuned to the needs of each client and collaborates with clients and families to support an effective, positive, and productive treatment experience.


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Safe Spaces for Healing and Growth


Turnbridge environments are purposefully planned and exactingly executed to inspire, comfort, and support clients, families, and clinicians. We believe that beautiful treatment environments encourage healing and instill respect in the often arduous but vital process of recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. Turnbridge residences and treatment facilities are expertly staffed and constantly monitored to ensure safety.


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