Adult Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Many individuals who struggle with alcohol and drug use – especially those in the early stages of addiction treatment – require intensive therapy. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) entails at least three days of treatment per week, and at least 3 hours of treatment per day. 

Oftentimes, the need for IOP therapy reduces over time as clients make progress toward treatment goals. Experienced Turnbridge clinicians will make the determination of when IOP is necessary and when it might be time to reduce the frequency of treatment visits. 

Each Turnbridge client receives an initial biopsychosocial evaluation that determines each person’s level of need.

Turnbridge IOP clients will be teamed with an experienced licensed therapist with whom they will develop a close and trusting relationship through a combination of group and individual therapy sessions.  Group therapy sessions help clients to relate to, share with, and learn from others of similar experience. Clients may also see other Turnbridge specialists including a psychiatrist to help to manage medications. 

Experiential therapies like mindfulness training and meditation may also be available as part of our comprehensive IOP therapy program.

All Turnbridge clients are encouraged to try or continue 12-Step programming. Turnbridge is a fixture in the local 12-Step community and we provide the counseling, guidance and support to help our clients get the most from 12-Step participation.