The Practice

Phased programming that gives boys the care, camaraderie, and compassion that promote overall well-being.

Phase I is a highly structured program of treatment, activities and recreation, nutritious meals, and daily life skills. Every client treatment plan is individualized to their comprehensive needs, including medication prescribing and management, psychotherapy, psychoeducation, academic services, nutritional support, fitness and wellness activities, personal and sleep hygiene, and other specialized supports. Schedules also include ample time for boys to relax, play, enjoy group activities, and have personal time. All aspects of client life are supervised by compassionate, highly skilled Turnbridge team members who are experts at stewarding clients safely toward their treatment goals. When boys demonstrate an authentic engagement with their therapy plan and are making consistent clinical progress, they become ready to transition from the structure of Phase I to the independence of Phase II.


Phase I Coordinated Services:

Clinical Care

Boy’s Adolescent Extended Care Program clients receive high-quality, evidence-based, and integrated clinical care throughout their stay. Clients receive thorough assessments to develop an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis, and ongoing care and monitoring improve diagnostic clarity throughout treatment. Clients are supported by an expert team, including their primary therapist and psychiatric provider. They attend at least nine group therapy sessions weekly and have individual therapy sessions. Seeking Safety and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) are the primary psychotherapeutic modalities used in extended care, though treatment is customized to client needs.

Case Management

Case management plays an important role in behavioral and mental healthcare. A positive and productive relationship between a client and their dedicated case manager can make a meaningful difference in a client and family treatment experience. Not only do case managers help clients navigate the treatment process, but they also help to identify needs and coordinate appropriate care over time. Case managers are confidants and advisors to clients and regularly assess client progress, engagement, mood, and relational health. These professionals are also liaisons between clients and their family members or other care team members throughout treatment at Turnbridge.

Support Staff and Resident Liaisons

Like all Turnbridge programs, safety is the highest priority. The Turnbridge Boy’s Adolescent Extended Care Program is perpetually supervised to ensure clients receive the care they need and feel safe and supported throughout their treatment stay. Support team members are highly trained professionals informed about every aspect of the Turnbridge program so that they can be as helpful as possible to clients. The program’s full-time resident liaisons know each client and their diagnoses personally and are trained in mental health first-aid to provide compassionate, effective support and assistance if clients experience a crisis.

Family Support

At Turnbridge, families are always an equal part of the treatment equation. Turnbridge family liaisons are always on-call to provide parents and guardians counsel and support throughout a client’s stay. Turnbridge also supports families with monthly family-healing workshops, quarterly educational weekends, and family therapy and counseling via telehealth.

Recreation & Nutrition

Recreation plays a large role in effectively treating adolescent mental and behavioral health conditions. Having fun and relating with peers in healthy, positive ways is an important and normal part of healthy development. Turnbridge clients enjoy an active schedule that includes plentiful time for play, group activities, and personal time to relax and engage in self-care. Physical fitness improves mood and can improve self-image. Boys are encouraged to regularly exercise, engage in movement therapies like our specialized Recovery In Motion programming, and enjoy the hikes, yoga, fitness center, and group sports available to them. Nutrition is also vital. The Boy’s Adolescent Extended Care Program offers plentiful and delicious chef-prepared meals and readily available snacks and beverages. Dieticians and nutritionists inform our meal plans, which can be tailored to client needs.