Educational Paths

Turnbridge Academy has the ability to support clients who are in a variety of different academic stages.  From high school completion all the way to post-secondary education, the Turnbridge academic advisors are well equipped and experienced to enable resumption of academic progress.

Higher Education

Turnbridge Academy enables clients to enter colleges, and prepares colleges to welcome students in recovery.

While Turnbridge Academic Advisors have extensive experience coordinating educational plans with all of the local colleges and universities, there are two such institutions with which we have established special partnerships.  At University of New Haven and at Albertus Magnus College, we have dedicated admissions officers trained in the needs of our clients to liaise with Turnbridge Academic Advisors.  These admissions officers personally oversee the application or transfer process to ensure Turnbridge clients have access to their high-quality education, despite the potential lapses or deficits in their records attributable to substance use or mental health issues.

In addition to University of New Haven and Albertus Magnus College, we have experience liaising with Southern Connecticut State University, Quinnipiac University, Gateway Community Colleges, and have also coordinated distance learning programs through a variety of out-of-state schools.

Turnbridge also works with clients and colleges during the discharge planning process to ensure safe transitions from life in Turnbridge to life at college. College can be a trigger-rich environment for people in recovery and the prevalence of alcohol, drugs, and potentially harmful relationships may pose particular risks. Many colleges offer a variety of recovery support services. Turnbridge academic advisors and other members of the client’s care team will make arrangements to ensure that appropriate supports are available to students transitioning to college.

College & University Affiliations


Founded in 1925 by the Dominican Sisters of the Springs, Albertus Magnus is a storied liberal arts college with a proud Dominican tradition. Albertus Magnus has been designated a College of Distinction — one distinguished among academic professionals and adhering to excellent practices. Arts and Sciences, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary studies are offered in addition to business studies within the colleges Tagliatela School of Business and Leadership. With an enrollment of 500 undergraduate students and a 13:1 student-to-instructor ration, Albertus Magnus College provides a close-knit community feel and direct access to professors and staff.  Website


Gateway Community College, founded in 1992, provides 14,000 students per year with more than 90 degree and certification programs. The school offers a vast range of art, business, science, and technical curriculums. While many Gateway graduates go directly into professional careers, others transfer the college credits they’ve earned to other colleges and universities.  Website


Approximately 6,500 undergraduate and 2,500 post-graduate students attend Quinnipiac University. Founded in 1929, the university with campuses in Hamden and North Haven, CT is home to the NCAA Division 1 Bobcats. Undergraduate programs include 58 majors in the fields of arts and sciences, education, law, business, engineering, medicine, health sciences, nursing, and communications. The university is also home to the renowned Quinnipiac University Polling Institute which collects political and social sentiment that informs news organizations and policymakers around the world.  Website


Southern Connecticut State University was founded in 1893 as a teachers college. Today, Southern is part of the Connecticut State University System and home to more than 10,000 students. More than 100 graduate and undergraduate academic programs are offered in the areas of arts and sciences, business, education, and health and human services. The school maintains its traditional focus on teacher education and also has a strong nursing program in addition to its many liberal arts electives.  Website


Seven-thousand full-time undergraduate and graduate students attend the University of New Haven. The university has a number of satellite campuses throughout Connecticut as well as a study-abroad location in Prato, Italy. The university has been recognized as one of the best colleges in the country by the Princeton Review. Offering more than 50 undergraduate majors and 30 graduate degree programs, University of New Haven is likely able to satisfy many interests. Small class sizes offer an intimate learning environment. More than 150 clubs, a student-run newspaper and radio station, study-abroad programs, and many other activities make the University of New Haven experience enjoyable and well-rounded.  Website

High School at Turnbridge

There are two main educational opportunities available to high school students at Turnbridge.  Students may earn their high school diplomas by completing the curriculum provided by their home high schools or they may complete their diplomas through distance learning programs.  Turnbridge academic advisors are experienced in negotiating and coordinating such arrangements.

If a relationship is established with the home high school, course materials are sent to Turnbridge Academic Advisors who develop an educational plan for the client, teach course content, proctor exams, and return completed materials to schools for grading.

Distance learning programs offer an individualized path to high school graduation. Turnbridge academic advisors work with a wide range of distance learning high school programs and recommend options based on client learning needs and preferences. The Turnbridge academic advisor designs an education plan for each client. Advisors and tutors help clients with coursework completion, proctor exams, and submit completed materials to the distance education institution.

The college planning process begins as clients near high school graduation. Turnbridge Academy aligns prepared clients with exceptional colleges and universities ready to welcome students in recovery.