Turnbridge clinical center lobby
The Practice

Clinical Mental Health Treatment

Every Turnbridge client receives a customized program of clinical therapy that is tailored to their individual needs and is provided by licensed therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.  Each new Turnbridge client receives a full psychiatric evaluation and a biopsychosocial assessment upon admission to identify their mental health needs.  They are then matched up with a Turnbridge therapist and psychiatric provider whose skills and personality are uniquely suited to the client, and will be working directly with him for the duration of his stay.

Individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychiatric assessments, and on-going medication management are provided to Turnbridge clients at the Turnbridge Clinical Center. But what makes the Turnbridge clinical approach so effective is Therapist access to each client’s detailed behavioral data, which is documented by Support Staff members throughout the day each day. This baseline of objective factual information about client skills, sleep patterns, eating choices, social and physical activities, and outlooks and attitudes gives Therapists unique insight into patient health, progress, and opportunities.

Turnbridge is accredited by CARFHaving received the highest level of CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation, Turnbridge’s mental health and addiction treatment program is recognized for its consistent adherence to the highest quality standards of clinical care. Under the expert guidance of Turnbridge’s Clinical Care Team, the organization not only uses best clinical care practices, but works to advance the understanding of adolescent and young adult-specific mental health treatment while pioneering new methodologies and modalities of care.