The Place

Women’s Phase III Residences

The Women’s Phase III Residences are located in the Whitney Avenue Historic District of East Rock, New Haven.  East Rock is a well-known hub for locally owned café’s and grocery marts, and serves as home to a large number of Yale graduates and faculty.

These Phase III homes offer women who have begun pursuing the academic and vocational opportunities of their choosing a more intimate living environment in which to continue to develop their newfound independence. 


The Livingston Home

Canner Street Home

The collegial environment in our women’s residences is designed to foster the development of healthy and lasting friendships that often form a woman’s most ardent network of supporters when entering lasting recovery. Every aspect of the Turnbridge Women’s Rehab was created to ensure the utmost serenity, positivity, and support, from its state-of-the-art client monitoring system to the perpetual presence and supervision of sober house managers and support staff.