The Practice

Mental Health Treatment and Drug Rehab for Young Adults

Turnbridge is a young adult mental health and drug rehab treatment program uniquely designed to address the needs of adolescents and young men with co-occurring disorders. Divided into three distinct phases, our “step-down” approach to addiction recovery helps clients make incremental steps toward greater responsibility and independent living over time. Regular schedules and ordered environments serve to support young adults as they heal, mature, and replace old patterns with healthy habits. The integrated clinical program assists clients in successful completion of each Phase by providing support and guidance related to the client’s thoughts and behaviors. The behavioral team collects specific, empirical data to guide them as they work to foster the development of the coping skills essential to becoming a healthy, adaptive young man.

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How our Young Adult Mental Health & Drug Rehab Center Works

Phase I helps new Clients Show Up for Life, not in words, thoughts, or beliefs, but in action. Our deeply rooted behavioral model recognizes change as a process of strategically altering one’s actions. During this initial phase, clients focus on reacquiring the basic skills of self-care, hygiene, and the activities of daily living. Clients learn to reestablish dynamic physiological equilibrium through regulation of their sleep cycle, nutritional routines, physical fitness, and their daily schedule.  Phase I stresses building relationships and choosing healthy activities as a part of mental health rehabilitation.

Having successfully met the expectations of Phase I, our young adult residents move on to Phase II, where they will develop a comprehensive and individualized plan for recovery that best ensures their successful transition to a productive life.

Clients in Phase II are actively constructing confidence, widening their focus to include not only meeting the demands of daily living but also Planning for Life. Assuming greater responsibility and initiative, Phase II clients attend to academic, employment, and vocational aspirations. With the guidance and support of their care team and building off of the foundation laid in Phase I, clients continue to develop an actionable plan for financial management and independence, work with academic advisors on college applications, and find part-time employment or volunteer activities.

Further building on the successes of Phases I & II and armed with a realistic plan for living, Clients begin Living Life in Phase III.

The Phase III residences feature on-site case managers, support staff, and other resources designed to help young adults reduce the risk of relapse. Clients are now enrolled in college classes, are employed, or participating in volunteer activities, are still expected to attend at least five support group meetings per week and meet regularly with their case managers.

For more information on Turnbridge’s mental health and drug rehab for young adults, please call 1-877-581-1793 for immediate assistance.