The Program

Parent and Family Involvement

Family members are partners in our process.

Understanding and addressing family systems and dynamics are always important parts of treating mental health and substance use disorders. When it comes to treating adolescents, family involvement, and participation is especially crucial. Here, parents and guardians take part in weekly sessions with their child and therapist and are involved with important decisions. Turnbridge works closely with parents and guardians to discuss client prognosis and plan the best courses of care. Our experienced clinicians excel at helping family members understand their loved one’s conditions, the most effective treatment options, and how they can support recovery when clients return home.

Family members often need their own treatment and support. Turnbridge offers family support groups through which parents connect with other families who share the lived experience of raising young people with mental health and substance use disorders. Facilitated weekend workshops offer an intensive focus on the relationship between family systems and behavioral health disorders and provide one-on-one interaction with expert team members. Turnbridge is always accessible through our family liaison — an expert resource available at all times to answer questions and check on client progress.

help for parents of troubled teenagers in Connecticut