Family sits together


Below you will find a selection of letters we have received from grateful families over the years.  Should you be interested and speaking directly with a family who has worked with us in the past, please contact our admission coordinators any time at 877.581.1793 for a list of references.

To the Staff at Turnbridge –

Thank you so much for giving my son, Brooke, the tools he’ll use for his lifetime! I am so grateful for all the work you all do and the compassion with which you do it for all the young men that come to you. I know when researching where my son should go that Turnbridge would be the best place for him. You combine the real world and positive things to do (sports, music, keeping fit, working, volunteering, etc.) with also the benefits of attending meetings and sharing.

I brought to you someone in pain, helpless, and addicted, and you gave me back a much more mature, sober, and caring young man! I know… one day at a time… but I also know you’ve given him a great start at life. You’ve given him a chance—   and you’ve given us all hope.

I would love to be a part of any fundraising that can be done to help more young men and women. Please reach out for anything I can do to give back.

Many Hugs,

“He had a therapist, psychiatrist, a school counselor who was crazy about him, and he still seemed to be sinking. Adam struggled with basic living skills, such as getting out of bed. He seemed to have no motivation.”  See more 

 “Mr. Vieau,

On this Wednesday, May 25th, our son Josh will celebrate 5 years of sobriety.

Josh was admitted to Caron 5 years ago and during his stay we decided Turnbridge was the place to go for aftercare.  Off he went in a van driven by volunteers from Wernersville to New Haven in late June 2011. We live in Virginia and prayed somehow this would work.

Just shy of a year later Josh graduated your program.  He quickly got a job as a service advisor at an auto store, moved out to a townhouse nearby, became totally ripped working out, and met a delightful girlfriend. Completely sober he is leading a very healthy, happy and productive life.

There is no question in our mind that Turnbridge’s 3 Phase program, by tapping, nurturing and releasing Josh’s stronger desires to be clean, is the only reason for this wonderful turn of events. Clearly, each Phase was perfectly structured and timed during his recovery for maximum effect.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing what you and all the wonderful folks at Turnbridge do. Observing your growth has lifted our hearts, as it only confirms Josh’ story is happening for many others.

With admiration,
Jack and Mary Beth”

“It was so comforting to know that all of these feelings I had been feeling were completely normal for someone with a family member in active addiction,” Frances explains.  “I cannot stress enough how important family education is.  That’s when you learn what you need to know to be a positive family member of someone in recovery.” See more 

 “Denial, shock, despair, fright, anger……..all feelings of a parent confronted by the discovery of their child’s drug addiction.  The search for help is extremely frustrating and reinforces the feeling of desperation.  Endless phone calls resulted in, at best, offers of a temporary reprieve to our pain versus any direction on how to get our son started on his life long journey of recovery.

Somehow, ‘destiny’ intervened and we were led to Turnbridge. Their website was our introduction to the program, followed quickly by a phone call to Turnbridge.  That conversation was our first ray of hope, first glimmer of light in a future that felt very dark.  The program seemed to be the answer to our prayers.   It was one of a kind, approaching the recovery process more holistically than other programs researched.  Although there was the obvious focus on the “addiction”, the program appeared to address the healing of the “life” lost to addiction, which we felt would be critical for our son’s recovery.

Our son has now been a resident at Turnbridge for six months and his journey truly has been an affirmation of how the various aspects of the program support an addict’s day to day recovery process.   The three-phased program they offer has provided the needed structure, support and duration of time to maintain a sober life style.  In addition, the physical, mental and spiritual stimulation, therapy sessions, AA, life coaching, family healing workshops and the opportunities to experience the “fun” in life without chemicals have all been instrumental in helping our son, and our family, manage our recovery.  The Turnbridge staff is terrific, immediately embracing all of us as part of the Turnbridge family, providing ongoing support, guidance and feedback but also helping us to understand and control our enabling and codependent behaviors.

Turnbridge has created a wonderful formula for recovery.  Turnbridge has clearly structured the best environment for an addicted love one to turn their life around and become productive member of society.  We have nothing but the highest praise for the Turnbridge program and all the staff.   They have given our son his life back and in turn, we have found our son.

– Nancy”

“I’m thankful for that every day because it brought me to Turnbridge and allowed me to make sober friends and gave me another chance at life.”  See more

 “Dear David,

Jo and I are grateful to you and the entire TB staff to have returned our son back to our family.
We were lost over many years in addressing David’s addiction. His sobriety has brought him back to life. His work and teachings at TB has given him a “lifelong task ” to be a safe productive person in society.

As parents, we will continue to support his sobriety, his education and his commitment to being of help to others – and knowing where he has come and what is expected of him in the future.  Myself, as a neurologist, Jo, as a Doctor of Social work, was never prepared for addiction in our family. We attend a weekly Parent Support Group in NY (with other TB parents), for our recovery and never to be enablers.

We have learned how to prepare for the present, and how to address the unexpected. We hope that David’s path to recovery will not be altered in the months ahead. His continued program at TB and his completion of his DARC college program will give him the best chance to continue on his current path.

Our whole family thanks you and everyone at TB for making the right decision for David and our family, every step of the way.

Thank you.
Craig and Jo”

*Please note, names may be substituted to protect confidentiality