Young men workout at Turnbridge gym
The Practice

Health & Wellness

Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand. At Turnbridge, exercise and healthful eating is a fundamental part of mental health or addiction treatment and learning to live sober lives. Clients are encouraged to enhance their self-confidence and sense of well-being by making physical fitness and good nutrition a normal part of their lifestyle and routine.

The therapeutic benefits of exercise and physical fitness are important to all of us, but they are especially important to individuals in recovery. Exercise offers relief from the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also improves sleep, improves concentration and cognitive function, and provides natural stress relief. As young men become stronger and healthier, self-image improves and outlooks brighten.

Our On-Site Fitness Center makes it easy to get healthy and have fun right here on campus. The Fitness Center offers all Turnbridge clients a fully equipped, state-of-the-art array of cable machines, free weights and cycle bikes that make exercising individually or with friends safe, easy and enjoyable.

Healthy diet also plays a vital role in being well and feeling well. Turnbridge Chef’s and Kitchen Staff prepare each client three healthy meals and one snack per day. But to ensure that eating well becomes a life-long pursuit, clients also learn how to grocery shop for healthy foods and prepare balanced, nutritional and satisfying meals.