Turnbridge Academy Overview

Turnbridge offers a recovery-informed academic program called Turnbridge Academy. The program is available to women as soon as they arrive at Turnbridge and provides a full range of academic counseling, tutoring, and advising services. Turnbridge Academy helps clients complete high school, gain college acceptance, and access the many benefits of pursuing academic advancement.

Mental health disorders or addictions can close the doors to opportunity and aspiration. The symptoms of such disorders can devastate grade point average, derail extracurricular activities and sports, and delay or prevent graduation. Turnbridge Academy staff members work with high schools, colleges, and universities to give people suffering from mental health or substance abuse problems the opportunities and advantages afforded by continuing education.

At Turnbridge, we believe that for high-school and college-aged adults, treating addiction and pursuing education are complementary processes. Educational advancement develops skills, passions, and personal perceptions that improve one’s future prospects and provide the positive direction that supports lasting recovery.