The Practice

Trauma Treatment for Women

Diagnosing and treating trauma is a critical component of gender-informed mental health treatment for young women. Studies show that almost 75 percent of females with mental health or substance abuse disorders experience sexual abuse, more than half experience physical abuse, and 72 percent experience emotional abuse. Physical, sexual and emotional trauma can have a profound and lasting affect if unaddressed.

Turnbridge therapists are trauma-informed specialists, able to diagnose and treat trauma in young women. Trauma informed therapy helps women address trauma they may have experienced, understand how it may be affecting them mentally, emotionally and physically, and treat it. Additionally, we have a strong relationship with an established and well-respected PTSD clinic to whom we refer clients determined to need more intensive work. Treating trauma can help a woman regain her sense of self-value, regain the ability to trust herself and others, and reduce the hindrance of self-blame.