Recovery-Informed Academics

Turnbridge helps clients access high-quality educational opportunities. Non-traditional students receiving treatment for substance use and mental health disorders often have special academic needs. Some clients stopped attending school prior to their arrival at Turnbridge. Others are high-achieving students who need to continue to be challenged while receiving treatment. Academic programming can be tailored to a wide range of needs regardless of one’s current educational status or past lapses.

Coordinating academic, recovery, and mental health programming for greater success

Just as addiction can derail education, education can empower recovery. Ensuring that academics play the most positive role for young people in recovery requires striking a careful balance between forward momentum and undue exposure to stress. Turnbridge Academy is a recovery-informed program that coordinates academic and treatment services according to real-time patient progress. Educational services are tailored to compliment individual client treatment plans as well as to support personal goals, abilities, and interests. By working together in real-time, Turnbridge academic advisors, case managers, and therapists help clients work toward their academic objectives while maintaining the path to lasting recovery.

A collaborative approach to academics also helps address evolving treatment goals. As Turnbridge clients progress through the process of self-discovery and that is inherent in our program, their visions of the future often clear and improve. During this time, new ideas about educational and career aspirations evolve. The academic advisors and client care team collaborate to ensure that information and resources are made available to clients so that they may pursue new academic passions when they arise.

Academics is the hub of the wheel for Turnbridge clients. The moment they learn to balance the hard work of recovery and the hard work of education, a change begins to occur. They start to realize that their future is in their own hands and that they possess the tools and talent to capture it. 

– Jonathan Lowe, Executive Director of Clinical Services