People make the difference. The compassion, dedication, and skill of our team, more so than any aspect of our program, makes Turnbridge the exceptional institution that it is. The Turnbridge Women’s Program is staffed by experienced and specially trained experts in assessing and treating the conditions unique to a woman’s experience of mental health disorders or addiction. This team of case managers, clinical therapists, psychiatric providers, family therapists, family liaisons, academic specialists, operations managers, and support staff work together to ensure integrated and comprehensive treatment suited to the needs of each young woman.

It takes great talent and even greater compassion to help young women replace the destructive beliefs and behaviors of dysfunction with the empowering ideals and practices of healthful living. The people of Turnbridge are leaders and motivators. They are models of successfully living one’s gifts and aspirations. Many of our staff members have entered lasting recovery and can relate on a deep personal level to the effects of living with mental health disorders or addiction, as well as the path to better living.

Women’s Program Case Managers are responsible for a young woman’s behavioral care. They provide life skills training and collaborate with the clinical staff, support team, and family liaison to ensure complete awareness and coordination of each client’s care. Case managers also form deep bonds of trust essential to a young woman’s comfort and openness to treatment.

Turnbridge Therapists are specially trained in gender-responsive and trauma-informed therapy. Using years of experience and a specifically designed curriculum, they assess each young woman’s specific addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions, and treat with cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies. They also lead group therapy sessions and manage any necessary medications. Therapists also build a strong rapport that helps make the process of working through difficult issues and internalizing lessons easier and more enjoyable.

Turnbridge’s Support Staff are a ubiquitous presence at Turnbridge and are actively engaged working with clients and families, planning activities, maintaining facilities, providing transportation, and more. Many of the Turnbridge Support Staff have lived through mental health disorders or addiction and recovery. Many have received treatment at Turnbridge and have returned to help others. All are deeply committed to making the Women’s Program a safe, comfortable, and effective experience through which young women can emerge from the pain of mental health disorders or addiction into the light of a wiser, stronger and healthier self.