EMPWR Care Model

Turnbridge Adolescent Residential and Extended Care Programs utilize our EMPWR care model to inform and customize treatment plans. EMPWR was developed using insights gleaned from thousands of hours of Turnbridge clinical experience. The model is used to achieve a real-time understanding of each client’s Emotional Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Work Ethic, and Relational Health. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive range of behavioral metric data, the Turnbridge care team is able to assess client clinical progress and make adjustments to treatment plans to optimize care and achieve better outcomes.

Turnbridge emphasizes “treatment-by-fact,” an approach that aims to reduce the often subjective nature of mental healthcare measures and outcomes. It can be difficult for clients — especially adolescent clients — to accurately assess their own therapeutic progress. Our development and use of EMPWR provides objective measures with which to gauge individual client progress across a complete range of mental, emotional, and physical evaluation criteria.

The EMPWR Care Model assesses the primary aspects of holistic client health and facilitates progress measurement and treatment optimization.

Emotional Health

  • The ability to express your feelings
  • How do you communicate with the rest of the world?

Mental Health

  • How your brain processes your emotional experience
  • Unconscious factors that influence your emotions and behaviors

Physical Health

  • A physical state avoiding, where possible, illness and injury
  • How are you caring for your physical self?

Work Ethic

  • Engagement in a worthy endeavor that requires dedication
  • What do you do?

Relational Health

  • Your intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships
  • Do your relationships foster positive growth?