Putting Preparative Care℠ into Practice

Our Preparative Care program focuses on transforming the affliction of addiction and mental health disorder into an opportunity for actualization. It uses a carefully choreographed and highly personalized system of life skills training, clinical therapy, case management, and collegial living to lead young men to experience a fundamental change.

Preparative Care is the process of helping one learn to change by helping one learn to live. Our dedicated, talented staff can teach and guide clients in the ways of living a healthy, happy and sober lifestyle, but only the individual can truly accept and embrace this new life. While the process of Preparative Care literally prepares one for a productive and fulfilling life, its real and deeper work is preparing the way for a very personal and profound transformation of heart and mind through which one permanently changes his expectations of himself and his future. Turnbridge Graduates do not return to being the people they were prior to addiction, but with newfound knowledge, character and grit, strive toward lives of purpose, passion and fulfillment.

Turnbridge addiction treatment practice addresses every aspect of mental and physical residential life

Putting Turnbridge's Preparative Care Program into practice means learning to live a rich, productive and sober life among friends in the real world. In addition to our phased living and life skill development, the Turnbridge practice addresses every aspect of mental and physical residential life including addiction and mental health recovery, educational planning, family relationship, cultural enrichment, and physical fitness and recreation.

An array of carefully coordinated services brings each phase of the Turnbridge practice to life. Delivery of these services is custom tailored to meet the needs of clients and their family members at each phase of the rehab program.