The People

The Turnbridge Team

At Turnbridge, it’s personal. More than any other aspect of the Turnbridge experience, it is our people that set us apart. While each member of the Turnbridge Team is individually exceptional, together, they are incomparable. You will find no more passionate, experienced and dedicated group of people focused on the treatment and transformation of young men than here at Turnbridge. And you will find no more purpose-built organization supporting the treatment of mental health or substance use disorders.

The Phase II residence is nestled in the historic East Rock neighborhood

Every Turnbridge client is supported by a multidisciplinary team of Therapists, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), Case Managers and Support Staff. This team provides comprehensive care for mind and body. It is the unique way in which we deliver care, however, that makes our approach so effective at the treatment of mental health or substance use disorders.

Turnbridge Case Managers lead our behavioral care effort. Their work focuses on helping clients embrace the Twelve Steps and learn healthy behavior to support healthy living. Central to their success is a rare talent for relationship. Possessing a unique combination of character, life experience and practical knowledge, Case Managers are able to gain acceptance as the authoritative guides these young clients need, without being seen as the authority figures they would rather reject.

Turnbridge Therapists specialize in cognitive care and work to develop the healthy thinking that accompanies healthy acting. These highly trained and experienced physicians and clinicians work closely with Case Managers to deeply understand the conditions and needs of each client and deliver a customized regimen of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, group counseling, medication management, and more.

Our unrivaled Support Staff includes Family Therapists and liaisons, Academic Advisors, Logistic Specialists and many more individuals who contribute to making Turnbridge the special place it is. Many of our Support Staff have been personally touched by mental health or addiction. Many more are Turnbridge Alumni themselves who have come through our Preparative Care Program and now dedicate themselves to helping others overcome the same struggle. This personal understanding of addiction as well as an intimate understanding of the Turnbridge Program and process can be felt by clients and family members alike.

Every member of the Turnbridge Team understands the mission, the practice, and the client experience. Here, people are answering a calling and putting compassion into action to help young men overcome the challenges of mental health or addiction to emerge as their best selves in life after Turnbridge.