Ford house men's program phase I
The Program

Turnbridge Men’s Program

Treatment Philosophy

Our mental health rehab center was founded nearly two decades ago on the idea that each time we confront the challenges of our own human condition, we face a turning point – between conquering, and being conquered. One’s ability to live one’s purpose and become one’s best self in the face of adversity is the crucible of character and the definition of successful living. We believe that here begins a path toward greatness, and once on this path, anything becomes possible. Our mission is to lead young adults to the trailhead and prepare them to walk a life in which getting better never ends.

To better understand Turnbridge’s mental health treatment approach, let us first look at what it is not. Turnbridge is not an “inpatient rehab” or “Recovery center” in the conventional sense. Turnbridge is so much more.  These terms imply fixing that which is broken or restoring to a previous state of being. However, at Turnbridge, we believe that the person who became derailed by mental health disorders or addiction was never that individual’s best self, and therefore, returning to this previous state of being should not be the goal. Instead, Turnbridge thinks of what it does as facilitating “emergence”. “Emergence” implies evolving from within or coming out of. Emergence is to go forward.

The Turnbridge mental health treatment program is delivered in three distinct phases. As clients progress through each phase, they develop the skills, character, and mental momentum needed to move assertively into a full, productive life after graduating from Turnbridge.