Recovery-Informed Academics

Supporting aspirations through coordinated academic, mental health, and recovery programming

Learning to successfully manage mental health disorders or addiction and maintain good mental and physical health is challenging work. For many emerging adults, the idea of working toward recovery and academic goals simultaneously can seem overwhelming. At Turnbridge, academic advisors, clinicians, and case managers work together to help each client achieve their recovery and educational objectives.

A team-based approach to educational development gives clients the freedom to pursue new and different paths. Therapy at Turnbridge is a time of intense self-reflection, exploration, and discovery. As clients learn to manage their conditions, live independently, and address underlying mental health issues, they often experience a significant change in attitude and outlook. As young adults develop new visions of their futures, they often develop new ideas about their desired fields of study and work. Academic advisors and each member of the client’s care team work closely together to identify new goals and make resources available to help clients pursue them.