David V
The People

Letter from our Founder

When we started Turnbridge, our goal was to become nothing less than the very best, most effective mental health and addiction treatment program for teens and young adults. We set aside convention to create a new approach from whole cloth. We combined time-tested methods with new perspectives. We integrated personal experiences with disorder and recovery with the best thinking in the field. And we redefined the expectations of addiction treatment by using the challenge of treating addiction as an opportunity for personal achievement and the development of character and purpose.

We also assembled a team of some of the most experienced, learned, dedicated and passionate professionals in the field. It is our people that truly allow us to deliver our promise. With each and every staff member on our team, we look for certain core values: are they compassionate, generous, understanding, and ethical? Because at the end of the day, the quality of our care is dependent on the quality of our professionals. And while no single individual is Turnbridge, the sum of our experiences, collective moral compass, and the totality of our desire to help defines who we are. Each team member has a particular skillset which makes him or her uniquely qualified to help clients through the treatment cycle – from initial diagnosis, to early recovery, to active recovery and maintenance.

Today, after more than a decade of successes, blessed by a growing family of Alumni and friends close to our mission, and with the nation’s leading team, program and resources, I believe it’s safe to say that we have accomplished our stated goal. But we also know that getting better is a process that never ends, and requires constant vigilance, attention to quality, and innovation. We will never stop perfecting our practice, pioneering new techniques, and striving to deliver the best experiences in our perpetual mission to help clients grow into sober and independent young men and women.