David V
The People

Founder’s Message

From our earliest days, we knew that in order to fulfill our mission we had to find a way to expand our program to include young women. But to do so, we would have to achieve an extremely high standard. Our young men’s program represents the accumulated blood, sweat, and tears of almost 20 years spent pioneering and perfecting new treatment methods and systems, building bonds, deepening our compassionate understanding of the issues, and learning exactly how to help young men move from addiction and stagnation to a path of purpose and passion. So we knew that when we set out to create a women’s program, it would have to be worthy of the young women we welcomed, their families, the standards of our exceptionally dedicated team, the expectations of our cherished alumni, and the many professionals who entrust patients to our care. This would be no small task.

Today, I can confidently state that we have lived up to this goal. The opening of our women’s program meant new hope for the families of young women facing mental health or addiction. We have done our best to ensure the most effective, safest, and most comfortable experience for the young women we serve. Our clinical program is focused on addressing the unique problems of relationship, trauma and identity faced by young women with mental health disorders or addiction. Our experiential therapies foster growth of a lasting sisterhood of support. And our women’s residence, our largest to-date, is as beautiful and dignified as is the future of the women who will call it home during their time here.

Warmest regards,