Turnbridge Differences

Distinctly Different

Recreating Behavioral Healthcare

Turnbridge was created to positively transform the concept and practice of treating substance use and mental health disorders. Combining decades of experience with the latest thinking from leading experts, Turnbridge is in a state of perpetual ideation and invention to create programming and practices that improve outcomes and facilitate transformative change.

Turnbridge was born to change the field. Since its 2003 inception, the people of Turnbridge have been using clinical insights, data, the insights of luminary subject matter experts, and the feedback of clients, family members, and colleagues to develop wholly new and improved practices that improve treatment experience and efficacy. Turnbridge offers models of care, programming approaches, and techniques found nowhere else. A spirit of critical thinking and applied learning keep Turnbridge at the cutting edge of behavioral healthcare. Turnbridge differences are among the key reasons the program is a choice of referring professionals nationwide and driving forces behind high-quality client and family outcomes.

Proprietary Programming

Innovation for better outcomes

Established to prioritize the quality of care and clinical outcomes over all else, Turnbridge utilizes specialized and proprietary techniques and practices to impact individuals and family systems while contributing vital knowledge to the treatment field. The differences that distinguish Turnbridge can be experienced by the clients and families it serves.

Learn how our EMPWR Care Model addresses every aspect of client life. See the Phased Programming that improves client skill retention and builds resilience. Understand how the TEACH Model of family programming educates family members and supports client well-being. Explore the Behavioral Metrics that empower our objective, fact-based treatment. Discover how Recovery In Motion experiential programming incorporates science-based fitness and mindfullness practice into personalized treatment plans.
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