Explanation of Our Model – Disclaimer

Turnbridge combines highly structured sober living services with outpatient psychiatric and substance abuse therapy.  These two separate and distinct services work in tandem to create the holistic experience Turnbridge refers to as Preparative Care.

Clinical treatment services at Turnbridge, including individual therapy, group therapy, and psychiatric care, are solely provided at Turnbridge’s free-standing licensed outpatient clinical center.  The Turnbridge clinical center maintains dual licensure in the state of Connecticut – psychiatric as well as substance abuse – and has been awarded a “Three-Year Accreditation” by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the highest possible accreditation awarded.

Sober living services at Turnbridge , including but not limited to, case management, life skills training, lodging, meals (in Phases I & II), Twelve Step facilitation, health & wellness training, and recreational activities, are provided at the Turnbridge residences, which are located separately from the clinical center.

As a provider that has garnered international acclaim for its work with young people facing addiction, Turnbridge always strives to set the industry standard for ethical conduct and transparency.  As a result, it is important to Turnbridge that our applicants and their families understand the ways in which Turnbridge’s model of care is different from a traditional, self-contained, inpatient treatment facility. 

Use of words such as “rehab” and “treatment” can mean different things to different people, and their legal definitions can vary greatly from state to state.  Within this website, such terms are used for convenience purposes only, except where the context requires, based on their broad association with addiction services programs such as Turnbridge. This allows Turnbridge to communicate effectively with its’ audience using common terms without employing any specific regard to such terms’ legal definition in any particular state, or any legal or clinical body therein.