The Practice

Support Staff

The members of Turnbridge’s Support Staff and Resident Liaison team are an ever-present positive and helpful force. Many members are Turnbridge graduates themselves and have first-hand experience with the issues of mental health or addiction as well as the treatment process.

Turnbridge Support Staff members are the “eyes and ears” of our behavioral and clinical teams. They are responsible for documenting each client’s program participation throughout the day each day, which they do on a proprietary EHR system using tablet technology. This rigorous system of documentation provides each client’s Care Team with objective data on which to base treatment planning decisions, so they are not forced to rely solely on self-report. In addition to supporting the Turnbridge Program, Support Staff members also become role models for clients, demonstrating work ethic, appropriate dress, and positive behavior.

Turnbridge Resident Liaisons are on-site each day providing support to clients who may be in distress and require one-on-one attention. Trained in verbal de-escalation and motivational interviewing, Resident Liaisons are uniquely capable members of the team who specialize in helping clients identify, process, and respond appropriately to feelings of discomfort.

The Support staff at Turnbridge addiction treatment center in Connecticut