Young Men's Program

Helping Young Men Realize Their Potential

Building a Life Worth Protecting

Turnbridge welcomes young men to its New Haven, Connecticut facilities to overcome mental health or substance use disorders, and to learn the skills and confidence needed to lead full, passionate, and purposeful lives.

Core to our practice is the three-phased program of therapy, experience, and structured living we call Preparative Care℠. Here, the goal is not a return to life before treatment, but arrival at the exceptional life beyond it. To facilitate this transformative change, Turnbridge carefully cultivates the programs, practices, people and places that empower young men to change from within.

Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare

Addressing Every Aspect of Life

Three phases of comprehensive programming help clients develop the skills, behaviors, and beliefs needed to manage their conditions, engage with life, and pursue their greater goals. Gradual exposure to real-world stresses and situations under expert supervision provides the practice needed to build the confidence and resilience needed to maintain recovery and achieve better holistic outcomes.


The Turnbridge EMPWR Care Model addresses every aspect of client life and guides a personalized treatment plan coordinating medical, psychiatric, psychological, fitness, nutritional, wellness, academic, relational, family, and spiritual services and programming. No men’s treatment program provides a more comprehensive, cohesive, and tailored range of gender- and trauma-informed extended care services.

Distinguished by treatment innovations, including three-phased programming, the use of objective behavioral metrics to gauge client progress, Recovery In Motion experiential therapies, and the TEACH family education and support model, Turnbidge is a leading recommendation among healthcare providers and consultants nationwide. Since 2003, Turnbridge has been driven to fundamentally change and improve extended behavioral healthcare for young men. Through a steadfast commitment to its clients, treatment excellence, and constant improvement, Turnbridge achieves exceptional outcomes for the families it serves.

Treatment Excellence

Quality, Partnership, and Innovation

The Turnbridge Young Men’s Program employs evidence-based treatments, numerous therapeutic modalities, state-of-the-art facilities, and proprietary behavioral data collection to deliver and optimize the highest quality behavioral healthcare to clients and families.


Effective treatment for young men takes more than excellent clinical care. Producing life-long outcomes requires thorough diagnosis, careful case management, and comprehensive services that identify and activate the aspirations, passions, and talents that make life a rich and enjoyable experience. Turnbridge helps young men understand themselves and their worlds, explore and develop their personalities and spiritual aspect, and build lasting relationships that inspire mutual support and growth.
The Turnbridge Team

Here, It's Personal

Experts Committed to Client Success

Turnbridge is home to the nation’s foremost thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners of adolescent and emerging adult behavioral healthcare. This skilled and passionate team collaborates to provide an unparalleled level of care and service while continuously optimizing its evidence base and innovating medical, clinical, and experiential therapies.


Back of Ford House

Beauty, Safety, and Comfort

Respecting Process, Supporting Progress

Turnbridge is renowned for its treatment campuses. Every aspect of the houses, grounds, clinical centers, and experiential facilities is meticulously managed and maintained to provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive treatment experience. Here, we believe that beautiful and thoughtfully planned environments help clients respect themselves and the treatment process and help our team members do their best work.


Living room at Ford House

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