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The preeminent mental health and addiction treatment program for young men

Turnbridge welcomes young men to its New Haven, Connecticut facilities to overcome mental health or substance use disorders, and to learn the skills and confidence needed to lead full, passionate, and purposeful lives.

Core to our practice is the three-phased program of therapy, experience, and structured living we call Preparative Care℠. Here, the goal is not a return to life before treatment, but arrival at the exceptional life beyond it. To facilitate this transformative change, Turnbridge carefully cultivates the programs, practices, people and places that empower young men to change from within.

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Turnbridge Academy

Turnbridge Academy is a comprehensive system of recovery-informed academic services designed to help our clients plan and pursue their educational goals and open the doors of opportunity and advancement.

Our Mission

Turnbridge provides young adults struggling with identity crisis and a lack of purpose compounded with mental health, addictions, or and co-occurring disorders the ability to realize their full potential by transforming the affliction of disorder into an opportunity for actualization. By providing real world exposure over the course of three phases, we afford them the opportunity to practically apply the coping skills they’re learning in real life situations, while receiving active guidance and support from their peers and their Care Team

Every aspect of the Turnbridge experience is thoughtfully engineered to facilitate self-actualization. Its beautiful environs stand as a constant reminder that clients, care-givers, and this work are of tremendous value and importance. Its care and activities not only engage mind and body, but speak to a new set of expectations for personal performance, self-reliance, and trust. By facilitating self-change, by redefining the rules of engagement, their personal challenges, and their world, and by teaching the skills of successful living in real time within the context of the real world, Turnbridge surpasses the promise of traditional treatment programs. It’s results are transformed individuals who possess the compassion and the grit to thrive in the face of each new turning point.

A Nationally Recognized Young Adult REHAB CENTER

Turnbridge is a three-phased mental health rehab designed specifically for young men with mental health, addiction, or co-occurring disorders.

This accredited and nationally acclaimed treatment center combines an evidence-based mental health treatment model with a comprehensive, experiential program designed to meet the developmental needs of young men.

It exposes young men to the real world gradually as they develop an understanding of their diagnoses, build the skills to resist relapse, form meaningful relationships, practice living a productive lifestyle, and begin to make positive choices that will lead them to a balanced life.

Our Comprehensive MENTAL HEALTH Rehabilitation Center

Drawing on over a decade of experience, our unique mental health rehab program is designed to prepare young men to stand on their own as responsible adults.

Moving toward success in recovery and in life takes time. Turnbridge offers that time, and recognizes that each young man makes the journey through mental health or substance use treatment on his own calendar. By providing supportive residential living in conjunction with mental health or substance use treatment, we afford our clients the opportunity to explore new hobbies, to create new friends, to outline new personal goals and to redefine their place in the world, while practicing their newfound coping skills under the watchful eye of our support team.

Turnbridge recognizes that not every client enrolled in the treatment center share the same level of motivation or readiness for change. Thus our clinical team employs the Stages of Change model in order to assess where clients are in their change process and modify treatment accordingly.

Accredited MENTAL HEALTH & Addiction Treatment in CT

Clinical and psychiatric care at Turnbridge is provided at our clinical treatment center. We know from experience that the recovery journey works best when young men combine supportive residential programming with clinical mental health treatment. This healthy physical distance enhances the overall integration life coaching, character development, and clinical treatment.

Turnbridge is accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Turnbridge’s treatment center has been accredited for a period of three years, the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded.