Academic Services

Turnbridge Academy is a highly specialized academic advisory program designed to help Turnbridge clients develop their educational aspirations and opportunities. Helping people pursue academics and recovery simultaneously requires an especially comprehensive and integrated approach.

Turnbridge Academy maintains relationships with many colleges and universities to help clients currently attending colleges transfer to nearby schools. We help clients in high school by coordinating with current high schools or distance education programs to allow successful high school graduation.

Comprehensive Academic Services

Turnbridge clients receive comprehensive academic support services. Services are customized to meet the academic needs and aspirations of each client.

  • Academic advisors who specialize in working with non-traditional students
  • Comprehensive education plan development
  • One-on-one advising
  • Coordination with current and previous schools
  • Review and management of transcripts and academic records
  • Step-by-step help with application and/or transfer processes
  • Coordination with other members of client’s care team
  • Regularly-scheduled supportive study halls
  • Facilitation of outside tutoring services with tutors from world-class academic institutions
  • Educational workshops taught in a fun and practical manner, covering topics such as:
    • Academic writing
    • Personal statement writing
    • College interview preparation
    • Time-management
    • Study strategies for stress reduction