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Turnbridge operates leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs throughout Connecticut. This blog is a resource for people seeking addiction and mental health recovery information and inspiration, and the latest Turnbridge news and events.

CONNECTIONS Newsletter Archive

Missed a copy of the Turnbridge Connections Newsletter? On this page you can find all of the editions we’ve published previously. Click on the date of the issue you’d like to read and stay up to date with all of happenings at Turnbridge. Sign up here to start receiving the Turnbridge Connections Newsletter. 2020 Newsletter May    June […]

How to Help a Teenager with Anxiety 

Anxiety is among the most common mental health issues affecting teenagers and young adults today. Yet often times, parents do not know how to get their children the proper help. Perhaps this is because anxiety has become so normalized, that we tend to overlook or dismiss its symptoms. However, it’s important for parents to know […]

How to Stop Drug Use and Addiction 

Drug addiction—formally called a substance use disorder—is a complex and chronic medical condition. However, the good news is that it is treatable. With the proper steps taken, you can overcome your drug problem, stop drug use, and manage your symptoms of addiction successfully.   However, stopping drug use, and further breaking the addiction cycle, is not […]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Struggled with their Mental Health 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have one of the most documented, high-profile love stories in modern history. After the challenges the couple faced at Buckingham Palace—public scrutiny, negative media coverage, racism, lack of security—Harry and Meghan chose to step down from the royal family in 2020.  After announcing their exit, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry […]

What are Common Relapse Triggers for Addiction? 

Substance addiction, also known as a substance use disorder, is a chronic condition. Its chronic nature means that addiction has lasting and persistent effects, and therefore requires ongoing care. Without continuing care, those in recovery are at a higher chance of relapse. Relapse means that a person returns to substance abuse after an attempt to […]

What are the Signs of Bipolar Disorder in Teens?

Bipolar disorder is a common mental illness that causes unusual shifts in a person’s mood, energy, concentration, and ability to carry out daily tasks. For example, a person with bipolar disorder may experience periods of high energy or elevated mood, followed by extreme lows and feelings of hopelessness. This condition can be intense, and the […]

The Effects of Drugs on High School Students

About one-third of high school students use illicit drugs by the time they graduate, and more than half drink alcohol by the end of their senior year. This data comes from the most recent Monitoring the Future Survey, which is conducted annually to measure the prevalence of drug use among high school students. These statistics […]

Recovery from Drug Addiction is Possible: Here’s What You Need to Know

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), recovery is a process in which people aim to improve their health and well-being, live autonomously, and, ultimately, reach their fullest potential. In the realm of addiction, recovery is the process of overcoming a substance use disorder and establishing a productive life without the blanket of drugs […]

How to Help a Teenager with Depression

Depression is among the most common mental health issues in adolescents and young adults today. According to the latest 2023 report from Mental Health America (MHA), about 16.5 percent of youth have suffered from at least one major depressive episode in the past year. More than 2.7 million teens (between the ages of 12 to […]

The Benefits of Therapy for Mental Health (and Why Everyone Should Try It)

It’s no secret that the past few years have been trying—and even that is an understatement. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing gun violence, unsettling political events, and painful racial inequities in view, it’s no wonder America’s collective mental health has suffered. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly one in four adults sought […]

What are the Stages of Recovery from Addiction?

Substance addiction can affect anyone, of any age, background, or socioeconomic status. It does not discriminate. Today, substance addiction affects more than 20 million Americans over the age of 12. However, every person experiences addiction differently. Individual experiences will depend on factors like their mental health, life circumstances, and drug(s) of choice. Similarly—how long they […]