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Turnbridge operates leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs throughout Connecticut. This blog is a resource for people seeking addiction and mental health recovery information and inspiration, and the latest Turnbridge news and events.

CONNECTIONS Newsletter Archive

Missed a copy of the Turnbridge Connections Newsletter? On this page you can find all of the editions we’ve published previously. Click on the date of the issue you’d like to read and stay up to date with all of happenings at Turnbridge. Sign up here to start receiving the Turnbridge Connections Newsletter. 2020 Newsletter May    June […]

The Key Principles of Recovery

Recovery is a broad term, as it can apply to recovery from an illness, a relationship, a job, an addiction… The list goes on. For the purposes of this article, we are discussing recovery from mental health and substance use disorders – an important topic that is especially relevant this month. The Substance Abuse and […]

Teen Suicide Facts: Spreading Awareness During Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September marks Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a time in which the nation comes together to recognize the harrowing realities of suicide and spread awareness about this highly stigmatized topic. All month long, mental health advocates and allies (like us) work to educate others about the signs and effects of suicide, to discuss suicide prevention measures, […]

What is a Serious Mental Illness (SMI)?    

The National Institute on Mental Health estimates that more than one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness, amounting to 57.8 million people in 2021. Within these startling statistics lies an essential distinction between “any mental illness” (AMI) and “serious mental illness” (SMI).  This difference in categorization causes many people to wonder: What […]

10 Behavioral Issues in Teens That Can Signal a Mental Health Problem   

If there’s a teen in your home, you’re likely no stranger to the complex landscape of adolescent development, which can be dramatic, to say the least. Teenagers are constantly trying on new identities, shifting interests, experimenting with new friends and social groups, and even changing their appearance with new hair or clothes to understand who […]

Recreational Drug Use vs. Addiction: How to Spot the Difference 

In a world where teens and young adults often experiment, with both substances and experiences, recreational drug use has become a concern for many parents. There is a fine line between recreational drug use and addiction, and it can be especially difficult for parents to spot the difference. While some individuals engage in drug use […]

Understanding Adolescent Conduct Disorder: Behavior, Symptoms, and Treatment 

Adolescence is a time of growth, exploration, and self-discovery, but for some teenagers, it can also be marked by challenging behaviors that go beyond typical teenage rebellion. This article delves into the world of adolescent conduct disorder, shedding light on its impact on teenagers and families.   The following sections will provide insights into what teen […]

How to Help a Teen with Bipolar Disorder 

As a parent, seeing your teenager struggle with bipolar disorder can be challenging and overwhelming. Bipolar disorder is a complex mental health condition that affects a significant number of teenagers.   Understanding the nature of the disorder and knowing how to provide the right support is essential in helping your teen navigate through this difficult time. […]

What to do if Your Teenager is Selling Drugs: A Guide for Concerned Parents 

Discovering that your teenager might be involved in drug dealing is a distressing and overwhelming experience for any parent. It’s hard to know what to do if your teenager is selling drugs, but remember that you are not alone, and help and guidance are available.   The first step is to approach the issue with empathy […]

Why Am I Sad for No Reason?  

Wondering, “Why am I sad for no reason?” is a shared experience, especially for teenagers and young adults. As parents, it’s natural to be concerned when our children display unexplained sadness or cry, “Why do I feel like everyone hates me?” This article aims to shed light on this topic, helping parents and teens cope […]

6 Strategies to Help a Teen with ADHD 

Raising a teenager with ADHD can present unique challenges for parents. But, with the right strategies and a supportive mindset, parents can empower their teens with ADHD to thrive. This comprehensive guide, How to Help a Teen with ADHD, will provide practical tips and guidance to navigate the complexities of raising a teen with ADHD […]