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Missed a copy of the Turnbridge Connections Newsletter? On this page you can find all of the editions we’ve published previously. Click on the date of the issue you’d like to read and stay up to date with all of happenings at Turnbridge. Sign up here to start receiving the Turnbridge Connections Newsletter. 2020 Newsletter May    June […]

How Do Drugs Affect Mental Health in Young People? 

There is an undeniable connection between drug abuse and mental health. Research shows that over 60 percent of adolescents in substance use treatment also meet the diagnostic criteria for another mental illness. In other words, young people who are battling drug abuse problems typically struggle with mental health disorders, too. Using drugs can affect mental […]

Olivia Rodrigo Speaks Out About Mental Health and Therapy 

Olivia Rodrigo is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and already a household name in pop music. She had a fast rise to fame after releasing her debut single, “Driver’s License” in early 2021. The song captured the hearts of many fans, held the number-one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, and ranked as one of the top […]

New Study Shows the Connection Between Sleep and Mental Health 

It’s no secret that we live in a fast-paced and demanding world. Between academic obligations, career building, peer pressure, social media and the worldwide web, it’s no wonder that many of us do not consistently get high-quality sleep. In fact, only 1 in 10 people globally report sleeping “extremely well,” according to a 2019 survey. […]

What Parents Should Know About Child and Adolescent Mental Health 

Mental health is an important component of a child’s overall wellbeing. It involves the child’s emotional, mental, and behavioral state, and affects how they feel, think, and act on a daily basis. Ultimately, mental health will affect how children cope with stress, relate to others, build friendships, and make choices—therefore, it should be an important […]

Who Do Teens Talk to About Mental Health Concerns?  

Communication Between Teens, Parents, and Teachers about Mental Health  Parents: If your teenager was struggling with their mental health, would you know about it? Would your teenager tell you what is going on, or ask you for help?  According to a recent national poll, most parents do not believe their teens would confide in them. […]

The Importance of Mental Health Screening for Adolescents 

Are you considering a mental health screening for your child? Or, are you considering implementing mental health screenings in part with your practice or curriculum? In this guide, we discuss why mental health screenings are becoming increasingly important for children and adolescents.  In the United States, about 1 in every 6 youth struggle with a […]

Why is there a Rise in Teenage Mental Health Problems? An Overview of Statistics 

There is an ongoing rise in teenage mental health problems. While the COVID-19 pandemic has played a causal role in recent trends, mental health issues have been steadily increasing for years.   Between 2009 and 2019, the number of teenagers facing persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness increased 40 percent, according to historical data from the […]

Types of Residential Mental Health Facilities (& How to Find One) 

If your loved one is struggling with a mental health disorder, a residential treatment facility may be the best course of action in helping them recover. Residential mental health treatment is designed to help people manage their symptoms, cope with difficult triggers, and develop the skills to live a healthy, independent life. It is an […]

Finding the Right Adolescent Mental Health Facilities: A Guide 

For youth struggling with mental health disorders, an age-appropriate treatment facility is advised. Adolescent mental health facilities are recommended for teenagers struggling with ADHD, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and other mental health related problems. Read on to learn more.  Mental health disorders are on the rise, particularly in youth. Each year, it is estimated […]

How to Help Your Troubled Teenager: A Guide for Concerned Parents 

Is your teenager acting out, or simply acting out of the norm? Is your teenager showing signs of depression, violent behavior, or substance abuse? Is he or she defying all the rules you’ve set, and/or abandoning school? If you’ve answered “yes,” it is likely that something significant is troubling your teenager, and causing him or […]