Treatment by Fact (Behavioral Metrics)

At Turnbridge, the collection and use of data allow us to provide “treatment-by-fact,” a practice that significantly increases our ability to identify problems as they occur, appropriately adapt treatment plans, and achieve better client outcomes.

Turnbridge support staff, case managers, and clinicians record various types of client data every 30 minutes during their treatment stay. Tracking important information about sleep hygiene, chore completion, nutritional habits, exercise patterns, symptom ratings, programming engagement, responses to clinical interventions, and other factors allow regular assessments to understand each client’s holistic health and clinical progress.

The use of data allows Turnbridge to compare client-reported measures with objective information to ascertain a more complete picture of client health. This data stream fuels the EMPWR care model, which informs and aligns therapies that address every aspect of client life.

teen treatment behavioral metrics