Resident Mentors

Giving back to others is one of the most rewarding ways to recognize one’s own progress. The Turnbridge Client Mentoring Program pairs Young Women’s Program Phase III clients with newly arriving Phase I clients experiencing behavioral health conditions. By mentoring Phase I clients, Phase III clients nearing treatment completion can feel the joy of helping people who have encountered similar challenges. Mentorship can take many forms and may be as simple as helping new clients understand how to get the most out of their Turnbridge experience and navigate the treatment process. By getting to know Phase III mentors, new clients get a glimpse of their future and see the tangible results of Turnbridge treatment.

Mentoring is a popular option for Phase III clients because the extensive group therapy work, team building, and supportive friendships developed during one’s time at Turnbridge reinforce the idea that helping others can be a deeply enriching experience. Mentorship also provides a unique perspective. Relating to people at the beginning of their recovery journey can remind experienced clients of the personal barriers they have hurdled, the progress they have made, and the resilience they now possess.