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The Program

Graduation from Turnbridge

To graduate from Turnbridge is to be completely immersed in a new lifestyle and a new life direction. As in Phases I and II, Case Managers and Therapists carefully evaluate each client’s promises and actions to ensure that they are living the lives they’ve set out for themselves. When Phase III clients are actively directing and enjoying their lives, and are moving toward their next step in life, they are ready for graduation. The behavioral data we collect along with the deep relationships that have formed between client and provider help the Turnbridge Team see the signs of success. But we’ve found that one of the clearest indicators that a client is truly ready to graduate is when they do not want to leave. By the time clients are ready to launch into new lives outside of Turnbridge, what began as skepticism and nihilism has fundamentally transformed into gratitude and hope.

Graduation from Turnbridge drug and alcohol addiction treatment program for young men

Here, no one leaves the nest until they are ready to land safely. Two months prior to graduation, a Turnbridge Discharge Planner begins identifying and contacting the appropriate mental and medical healthcare professionals, sponsors, educational institutions, workplaces and other individuals and resources Turnbridge graduates will rely on for care, support, education, and livelihood after leaving our care. Establishing a network of quality professionals and relationships for each graduate builds a bridge of therapy between Turnbridge and “point next”. By the time a client leaves, they have already met or spoken with the therapists, doctors, support groups, schools, and vocational programs they will work with after graduation. This seamless integration between life at Turnbridge and life beyond reduces the worry and anxiety associated with establishing the personal and professional networks necessary for continuity of care and progress after treatment.

Graduating from Turnbridge marks an exceptional accomplishment for clients and their families. As with any great institution in which we have learned, grown and shared deep experience, once a member of the Turnbridge community, always a member. Our valued Alumni remain close friends and constant reminders of the powerful journey we are been humbly privileged to help facilitate. The supportive friendships made here and the unique relationships between graduates and staff never truly end, but become richer over time.

Transitioning from the grip of mental health disorders or addiction to positive, goal-oriented living is difficult work requiring a fundamental change of heart and mind. Each client moves through the phases at their own pace.