The Practice

Making Outpatient Treatment More Effective

Turnbridge is known for its innovative, intensive, and effective therapeutic approach, and is committed to improving the effectiveness of outpatient treatment.  

Many addiction treatment professionals believe that the controlled environment and immersive nature of residential treatment is more effective than outpatient therapy. Studies also suggest that people with at least 90 days of residential therapy are substantially more likely to remain sober following treatment.

However, for people experiencing mild-to-moderate substance use disorder, who are able to maintain functional work and home life, or who cannot take time away from work or homelike for inpatient care, outpatient treatment may be the only practical path to recovery. We’re working to increase the odds for outpatient outcomes.

With more than 15 years of experience operating one of the country’s most intensive and specialized residential programs, Turnbridge has the experience, skills and resources to innovate outpatient care. Turnbridge Outpatient Services feature truly personalized treatment approaches, group therapy options, and experiential therapy options.