The Program

Phase I: Showing up for Life

Our Innovative Approach to Mental Health and Drug Treatment

Welcoming new clients often means confronting deep and crippling feelings of past alienation and skepticism. Loss of relationship with one’s direction in life, aspirations, and family members is often one of the most painful aspects of living a life void of purpose. Unaddressed, these feelings and false beliefs threaten to derail healthy decisions before they begin.

As the most structured phase of our mental health or drug treatment program, Phase I establishes a full schedule of therapy, recreational activities, and health and wellness training. Working closely with their case manager, clients establish healthy sleep, diet, and exercise routines. By establishing this foundation of healthy daily living habits, building friendships with peers in recovery, and forming connections in the surrounding town of New Haven, clients establish a support system and their path to a life well-lived starts to come into focus. By the time Phase I clients are ready to move on to Phase II of our mental health and drug treatment program, they have begun the crucial inner process of accepting the possibilities of a successful life.

Phase 1 Coordinated Services:

Clinical Care

Clients receive continuous clinical and psychiatric care throughout their time at Turnbridge. During Phase I, each clients participates in a clinical intake assessment and psychiatric evaluation, at which point his Primary Therapist and Primary Psychiatric Provider are assigned. Additionally, each client attends a minimum of nine group therapy sessions per week. The clinical program at Turnbridge is a hybrid model of two renowned clinical modalities – Seeking Safety and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). These modalities teach grounding skills and are evidence based, present-focused therapy models.

Case Management

Turnbridge Case Managers offer long-term personal recovery experience, perspective, and interpersonal skills that allow them to effectively relate to, and motivate young men in mental health and drug treatment. Phase I Case Managers develop and manage an individualized Continuing Care Plan for each client at our treatment center. This plan focuses on establishing healthy daily sleep patterns, nutritional habits, exercise routines, motivational enhancement, time management, self-care, social and leisure activities, and interpersonal skills development. Case Managers maintain contact with family members and external providers to coordinate effective communication and collaboration between all stakeholders.

Support Staff and Resident Liaisons

Support Staff are available 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week to provide Phase I clients the logistical or peer support they need. Most Support Staff are Turnbridge graduates with an intimate knowledge of mental health treatment or drug and alcohol addiction as well as all facets of the Turnbridge treatment program. Our full-time Resident Liaisons are on-site to provide individualized attention to clients who may need additional support or who may be in crisis. Support Staff and Resident Liaison team members are trained in Mental Health First Aid, deescalation, and motivational interviewing.

Family Support

A Turnbridge Family Liaison is assigned to each family upon intake and is available 24/7 to provide ad-hoc coaching and counseling to client family members. Parent Support Groups and our three-part Family Healing Workshops are held monthly, while our weekend-long Family Education Weekend is provided quarterly. Family Therapy is also available via teleconference.


Phase I clients enjoy daily recreation as part of our mental health or drug treatment program. Activities including hiking, rock-climbing, camping, paintballing, mixed martial arts, trips to the beach, white water rafting, deep sea fishing, sporting event outings, concert attendance, ski and snowboard trips, access to an on-site basketball court and gym, and music studio sessions are just a few of many popular options available to clients of Turnbridge.

Health & Wellness

The Phase I Chef and Kitchen Staff provide three healthy meals and a snack each day.  Clients have access to our on-campus Fitness Center featuring state-of-the-art resistance training machines, free weights, and cardiovascular equipment seven-days-per-week. Clients regularly exercise with peers through team sports including basketball, flag football, indoor rock climbing and other healthful activities.

Support Group Attendance

Phase I Clients attend community support groups 6-nights-per-week. Here they discover the area’s vibrant community of young people in recovery.