Admissions Information

Please call us at 877.581.1793 to speak with an expert admissions representative about our Adolescent Residential and Extended Care programs.

You will be speaking with an experienced, compassionate advisor who is familiar with every aspect of the Turnbridge adolescent programs who will listen carefully and help determine if Turnbridge is the appropriate resource for your child. Should we determine that a young person's needs will be better addressed through a different level of care or program, we can often assist in referring parents to appropriate options.

Referring Professionals

Professionals who would like to refer an adolescent patient to Turnbridge can contact admissions at 877.581.1793 or at to provide client history.

Turnbridge adolescent program costs

Turnbridge is an in-network provider with Anthem Blue Cross, and some Anthem members may receive coverage for the Adolescent Residential Program. The Turnbridge Adolescent Extended Care Program has costs associated with the extensive and individualized residential, clinical, recreational, and wellness services provided to each client. In some cases, client insurance plans may cover some of the costs associated with clinical programming. A Turnbridge admissions professional can help families understand the costs of care and whether their insurance covers some of the cost.

Residential fees are typically not covered by insurance and are calculated on a monthly basis based on residential services provided to each client.

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