The People

Director’s Message

Excellence is a commitment to the patients and families we serve, and to ourselves. 

Helping young people and their family members is more than our profession — it is our vocation. Adolescent mental healthcare is one of the most challenging and rewarding areas of medicine. Making a positive change in the life of a young person can set the stage for success throughout the rest of that person’s life, and benefit family members, friends, and future generations. 

Young people, today, are experiencing unprecedented rates of mental illness. There has never been a more critical time to make effective treatment available to teens and families or for this field to develop new clinical insights to answer the growing need.

Every member of the Turnbridge Adolescent team considers these programs to be their life’s work and was selected because they want to become the best in their respective fields. Unwavering quality is the standard upon which this program is founded, and is the guiding principle that governs our work. Ours is a culture of performance. 

Our care providers are exceptionally well trained, highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated to using the most effective approaches. Turnbridge represents the best thinking, practices, and resources to address the complex issues of adolescent mental health.