The Practice


The Turnbridge therapeutic approach emphasizes coordinated care, individualized attention, and clinical flexibility. Our holistic approach combines medical interventions, multiple psychotherapy modalities, and experiential treatment.

Effectively treating mental health disorders requires a holistic approach to overall health and well-being. Mental health disorders are often linked to negative and traumatic life experiences, sources of negative thoughts and anxieties, and undiagnosed physical or cognitive challenges. Making long-lasting change means identifying the sources of dysphoria as well as the outward symptoms of these disorders, and addressing all of these factors systemically.

Primary Therapist, Erin Swett, discusses some of the treatment modalities used at Turnbridge and the program flexible, individualized approach to holistic care.

Residential-level treatment is advantageous because it provides a highly controlled environment and a focused time during which to hone diagnosis initiate a comprehensive range of therapies. Carefully coordinating these treatments and the activities of caregivers enhances the effectiveness of total care. At Turnbridge, experienced specialized caregivers regularly review patient progress and cooperate to adjust treatment plans to realize ideal outcomes.

Every person experiences mental health challenges differently. Our perceptions of our world, family history, relationships, physiology, cognitive abilities, and many other factors can change individual manifestations of these disorders. Turnbridge treats just eight adolescent clients at a time and maintains a high staff-to-client ratio to facilitate individualized attention on each client and deliver highly personalized care. Giving highly qualified clinicians the freedom to spend significant time with each patient affords deeper insights and better outcomes.

Being flexible is important when treating young people. While cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a mainstay of our practice, some adolescents respond better to alternative psychotherapy approaches. Turnbridge therapists are experts in motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, and other modalities to adapt to client preferences.

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