Physical Education

Physical education helps all aspects of adolescent life

Exercise offers numerous benefits to teens and adults alike. Turnbridge believes strongly in the connection between body, mind, and spirit, and strives to help young people learn to adopt healthy routines of activity and fitness throughout their lives. Exercise and physical recreation can improve physical health, improve mood, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, enhance self-image, and spark new friendships. For young people with substance use disorders, finding ways to have fun without the use of substances is often a crucial part of maintaining recovery. 

Exercise and adventure-based programming play an important role at Turnbridge. Adolescent clients are encouraged to take part in the many recreational opportunities offered by the program including our Recovery In Motion experiential activities. Expert instructors assist and supervise all activities to ensure comfort and safety.

The Adolescent Residential Programs include hiking trails, playing fields, swimming pools, fitness centers, and outdoor team sports and exercise programming. The Adolescent Boy’s Program includes a world-class ropes course and climbing wall. The Adolescent Girl’s Program features a world-class equestrian center. Mindfulness and yoga are also integrated into physical education. Proper nutrition to support higher activity levels is provided by carefully planned menus that provide a healthy and delicious variety of meals and snacks that help young people stay satisfied and energized. 

We also know that not all adolescents enjoy physical exercise. Fitness training, rigorous exercise, and team activities can be anxiety-inducing for some young people. We work with each client to ensure emotional safety, and to understand the roots of any activity avoidance which may yield helpful clinical insights. Our goal is to ensure that young clients feel comfortable and supported at all times while encouraging them to take part in activities that will enrich their lives and sustain good health.