The Place

Adolescent Boy’s Residential Program

A beautiful, thoughtfully designed environment safely immerses a small community of boys in intensive integrated therapies, comfort, recreation, and positivity.

The Turnbridge Adolescent Boy’s Residential Program is situated on 68 private acres of verdant countryside in Woodbury, Connecticut. The main house, a thoughtfully converted manse, is a home-like environment in which clients feel welcome, at peace, and at home during their stay. Every aspect of the houses and grounds have been designed to be safe, inspire a sense of belonging and tranquility, and to allow young people to have fun while engaging in exceptionally-personalized treatment. Up to six boys stay in the main house, which also features comfortable clinical offices, the dining room, common spaces, a game room, and a swimming pool. Up to six boys stay in a dedicated residence just a short walk from the main house.

Delectable, chef-prepared meals, and snacks are served throughout the day, and individual nutritional needs and allergies are addressed. Coordination between the care team and culinary staff adjust menus to achieve optimal nutrition based on each client’s needs and levels of activity.

At Turnbridge, physical and emotional safety is paramount. Our high staff-to-client ratio not only produces better outcomes but ensures that a staff member is always close at hand. While clients are entitled to plenty of privacy and independence, they are regularly engaged with members of their care team and support staff throughout each day. The campus and houses are perpetually staffed by supportive, trained team members who are available to clients at all times. The large size of the gated campus and its relative seclusion from surrounding homes and businesses afford a beautifully tranquil setting while easing the process of knowing each client’s location and monitoring visiting family members and consulting health professionals. A system of monitored cameras provides an additional level of awareness and security. All recreational activities are closely supervised by trained staff.

Physical safety is only one aspect of making young people feel comfortable and at home. The Turnbridge Team strives to address the emotional safety of adolescent clients. Adolescents, like all age-groups, gravitate toward different activities and modes of treatment. While some young people may enjoy rigorous exercise or team sports, others may find these activities anxiety-inducing. While some are enthusiastic students performing at a high academic level, others struggle with school. The emotions tied to specific types of activities may provide important information to the care team about a child’s underlying conditions or fears that can be addressed through treatment. Here, we strive to create an enjoyable, healthy experience that allows young people to feel comfortable, explore new recreational options, and to stimulate physical activity.

The Adolescent Boy’s Residential campus offers a world-class ropes course and climbing wall, swimming pool, basketball, playing fields, hiking courses, utility-vehicle course, game room with billiards and arcade games, media room, and more. The setting is ideally suited to helping young people feel happy, open, and engaged while taking part in holistic therapy.

Parents frequently visit campus to take part in family therapy and to attend support groups. Extensive family involvement, education, and support are provided during and after treatment.