The Program

Continuing Care

Maintaining good mental health is a life-long pursuit requiring regular care. 

The Turnbridge Adolescent Boy’s Residential Program establishes a strong foundation in mental health and recovery. The program’s goal is for clients to seamlessly transition from the Adolescent Residential Program into a system of ongoing care. Some clients and families may utilize outpatient services, and others may transition into a more immersive residential level of care, such as the Turnbridge Adolescent Extended Care Program

By the time clients complete the Adolescent Boy’s Residential Program, they should be medically and psychologically stable, have a good understanding of their conditions and how to manage them, and a detailed ongoing care plan that addresses all necessary care components. Ongoing care plans should follow the whole-person approach to achieving overall health begun at Tunbridge. Ensuring that physical education, nutrition, skill development, academic support, and wellness services are part of one’s ongoing self-care regimen leads to better outcomes. 

Turnbridge clinicians familiar with each client’s needs develop a discharge plan that identifies the best available treatment resources in the client’s home community. The discharge planning process sets initial appointments, appropriately transfers medical records and clinical information, and facilitates phone calls or meetings with new medical providers to ensure smooth and cohesive continuity of care.