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Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin is one of the most commonly prescribed opioids today. It is also one of the most highly abused substances by teens, being only second to marijuana. While the drug is often obtained through a prescription, it is equally, and illegally, available to young adults through the underground market.  Oxycontin is a synthetic name-brand medication […]

Marijuana Addiction in Young Adults

Marijuana is one of the most conflicted illicit drugs out there today, as it has leached in from the streets and into the lives of our families, friends, and peers. Commonly called weed, pot, hash, ganja, or Mary Jane, marijuana is a psychoactive hallucinogen that is widely used, commonly accepted, and readily available throughout demographics […]

Alcohol Addiction in Young Adults

Alcohol is the most widely used substance by teenagers today. In fact, nearly two out of every three students have already consumed alcohol by the end of high school, and over one quarter by the end of 8th grade. The majority of people in the United States consume alcohol, and most individuals over 18 admit […]

LSD Addiction in Young Adults

You may have some familiarity with LSD, a psychedelic drug that became highly popular among the young adult counterculture of the 1960s and 70s. It is true that, back then, LSD was undoubtedly the drug of choice for youth. But has much changed? In 2013, over 24.8 million people aged 12 or older reported they […]

Molly Addiction in Young Adults

You may have heard of Molly by now, the latest daughter drug of party-pill ecstasy. Marketed primarily to teens and young adults today, Molly derives from MDMA, a drug that acts as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen. Many believe that since the fall of ecstasy, Molly has risen as the purest and safest form […]

Adolescent Ecstasy Addiction

Ecstasy (“X” or “E”) has been a popular drug of abuse among youth since the 70s. Ecstasy first gained its foothold among young adults in the nightclub or rave scene, and has since then been the drug of choice for partygoers that want to stay awake through the night. Ecstasy abuse, however, is not solely […]

Young Adult Inhalant Addiction

National surveys report that approximately 21.7 million Americans have used inhalants at least once in their lives, and 13 percent of 8th-graders are no exception. Inhalant abuse is an epidemic among adolescents and young adults that is often ignored: many parents are concerned about drug use, but often disclaim the fact that their child may […]

Bath Salts Addiction in Young Adults

We’ve seen them all over the news: the potent, designer drugs called bath salts quickly rose to acclaim as the new “LSD” and rapidly declined after their media dig of turning young adult abusers into savage monsters. But what is the real story behind bath salts? What are they, and how do they affect the […]

Adolescent Stimulant Addiction

As the name implies, stimulants are highly addictive drugs that temporarily increase alertness, energy, and attention in a user. Often called “uppers,” stimulant substances are most commonly abused among adolescents and young adults who are looking for an easy and instantaneous means to get up and go.  Some adolescents abuse stimulants to stay focused on […]

Adolescent Spice Addiction

“Spice” or “K2” abuse is rapidly emerging amongst adolescents nationwide, and putting young adult lives at serious risk. The drug, marketed as “safe,” was being sold as legally as a pack of cigarettes for many years before the world caught on to its rash. Over a two-week period in April 2015, 160 people were hospitalized […]