Girl's Video Gallery

Adequately describing the value of a program designed to facilitate the inexplicable can be a challenge. Families visiting Turnbridge meet the people, see the places, and learn about the practices that make this organization the referral choice of healthcare professionals around the country. However, the indescribable freedom that comes from learning to overcome the adversities of mental health and substance use disorders is perhaps fully appreciated only by those we have been privileged to serve.

We hope that these videos provide a sense of our programming. Please call us at 877.581.1793 to speak with an experienced, compassionate advisor familiar with every aspect of our programs, and who will listen carefully and help determine if Turnbridge is the appropriate resource for your needs.

To meet the intense need, program capacity has been expanded from 18 to 23 clients.

The Turnbridge Adolescent Girl’s Residential Program and Adolescent Extended Care Program are extraordinary treatment environments carefully crafted, staffed, and maintained to take on the monumental challenge of adolescent and teen mental health disorders affecting today’s young people and families. Learn more about the program’s ability to accurately assess and comprehensively treat the conditions impacting girls, its focus on emotional and physical safety, and the practices and attention-to-detail that make Turnbridge the choice of referring professionals.

Dr. Christpher Cutter is a foremost expert in the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent behavioral health disorders. As a leading researcher and clinician, Dr. Cutter is driven to advance the canon of adolescent mental health knowledge and innovate therapeutic approaches to help individuals and families. His work also aims to influence global mental health system policy change.

Jack Britton, LPC, LADC, is the Founding Clinical Director of the Turnbridge Adolescent Program. Dr. Britton is instrumental in developing the Turnbridge EMPWR care model that ensures immersive, holistic treatment plans that assess and address every aspect of client life.

Erin Swett, LCSW, is a primary therapist at the Turnbridge Adolescent Program. Errin and her adolescent treatment team colleagues use evidence-based psychotherapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), trauma-specific therapies, motivational interviewing, and other modalities. Experienced therapists like Erin, are skilled at establishing a strong and productive therapeutic alliance and finding the combination of treatments best suited to each client’s needs.

Audrey Bell, LMSW, is Director of the Turnbridge Young Women’s Program. Audrey and her Turnbridge colleagues are experts in providing age- and gender-informed care that is responsive to gender identity and addresses the psychological and physiological treatment needs of developing young women and young men.