The Place

Girl’s Residential Program

This impeccably planned and maintained private milieu invites clients and families to receive the highest quality gender-responsive, coordinated care while connected to a community fostering holistic health, belonging, and personal growth.

On a sprawling 110-acre haven of manicured pastures, stables, woodlands, and exquisite living quarters, in Killingworth, Connecticut, a small community of up to twenty-three girls 14 to 17 years of age and their family members receive the undivided attention of multidisciplinary experts providing exceptionally personalized healthcare and passionate alliance. Every Killingworth team member, environment, curricula, and experience is exactingly selected to promote physical and emotional safety and evoke the deep understanding and camaraderie that powerfully counter
the fear and isolation behavioral health conditions can cause.

Here, a team of adolescent female health experts diagnose and assess, plan care strategies, initiate holistic treatment, and help families plan ongoing care. Because learning to have fun and trust oneself is as vital to teens as learning to manage one’s mental health conditions, schedules achieve an equilibrium between treatment and academic counseling and recreation, wellness, and experiential therapies.

Turnbridge clients receive delicious chef-prepared meals and snacks, as well as nutritional counseling to develop healthy eating behavior that supports good overall health. Meals are eaten communally in the main dining room and are attended by team members. Individualized meal plans are available to ensure that clients receive foods that support their specific needs and clinical goals. Meals can also be adjusted according to recreational and fitness programming or other factors that may require specialized nutritional attention.

Turnbridge is distinguished by its commitment to maintaining a high staff-to-client ratio and the provision of highly personalized care. Clients are never far from a highly trained and experienced Turnbridge team member who is able to relate, support, and help navigate during their stay. The 110-acre gated property is perpetually staffed and monitored through hundreds of networked cameras to ensure comfort and safety for clients, family members, and clinicians. The program’s location in a rural area of Connecticut provides a remove from the hustle and bustle of residential neighborhoods and business districts. This is a pristinely quiet and tranquil environment in which clients and families can focus exclusively on their health and wellbeing without disruption.

The Turnbridge Adolescent Girl’s Program emphasizes emotional and physical safety. Young people, like all people, have preferences regarding recreating and relating and respond differently to the conditions they are experiencing. As experienced caregivers, Turnbridge knows that clients who feel truly safe in their treatment environment are more likely to make clinical progress and to experience the interpersonal connections that are vital to restoring overall well-being and the ability to feel belonging with family, friends, and others. Turnbridge team members support each client based on their needs and experiences. Academic counselors tailor services to students high-performing students as well as those who require academic supports or who are impacted by learning disorders. Recreational activities, including the program’s unique equine activities, are not compulsory and the program offers numerous ways that young people can have fun while not engaged in therapeutic programming.

The Adolescent Girl’s Program features a world-class equine center including immaculately kept stables, an indoor riding venue, and acres of fenced pastures. The property also features a swimming pool and hot tub, playing fields, game rooms, hiking trails, a media room, and more. This milieu is designed specifically to provide clients with a beautiful, private, and enjoyable setting in which to receive excellent personalized care.