Continuing Care

Sustaining positive mental health requires maintenance. 

The Turnbridge Adolescent Girl’s Residential Program helps girls begin the process of restoring a positive and stable state of mental health and wellbeing. One of the program’s primary goals is to help clients and families determine the best types and levels of ongoing care or specialized resources that support continued clinical progress. Some clients may be ready and equipped to transition to outpatient treatment, others may require the continued services of a holistic residential program, such as the Turnbridge Adolescent Extended Care Program

Girls completing treatment at the Adolescent Girl’s Residential Program should be medically and psychologically stabilized and understand the nature of their conditions and the tools, techniques, and care needed to manage them. The program also provides a detailed ongoing care plan that identifies the resources and providers needed to maintain a positive and productive mental health trajectory that addresses the client’s whole life, including, mental and physical health, nutritional and relational health, academics, and overall wellness.

Because Turnbridge’s ongoing care plans are developed by members of a client’s treatment team, they are able to address a wide range of needs and are informed by resources and providers in the client’s home community. Steps are taken to set appointments with appropriate providers, securely communicate with healthcare professionals and clinicians, and transfer appropriate medical records. Our aim is to make the transition from the intensive and highly supervised Turnbridge residential treatment environment to a comprehensive continuum of care as seamless and easy as possible to avoid any interruption in each client’s treatment journey.