Professional Collaboration

Clients benefit when healthcare providers work together. 

Tunbridge practices integrated medicine and its staff members routinely communicate and collaborate as a team to deliver the most appropriate, timely, and comprehensive care available. The Turnbridge Adolescent Treatment Team includes leading researchers, clinicians, and innovators able to apply the latest treatment advances to clinical practice and develop insights that contribute to the behavioral healthcare community.

When clinicians work closely together, clients benefit. The Turnbridge Adolescent Girl’s Residential Program is an environment designed to facilitate the process of doctors, therapists, academic counselors, and other specialists working closely together to collectively treat a full range of issues affecting a small community of clients. This highly individualized attention not only enhances the ability of clinicians to identify and address root causes of behavioral health conditions but to more quickly make changes to treatment plans and add treatment resources that produce better overall clinical outcomes.

However, collaboration is just as important to client success when connecting to other treatment providers. Turnbridge regularly communicates with a client’s primary doctors, therapists, school counselors and administrators, and other supports to collect and share information vital to understanding client needs and how to provide high-quality support following treatment.

Collection and use of real-time data are vital to Turnbridge programming and are seen as pillars of successful care. Here, extensive behavioral metric data, collected multiple times per day for each client, is used to objectively assess client progress and to inform the Turnbridge EMPWR model of care. A wide range and variety of data points, including medical information, symptom rating reports, programming adherence measures, psychometric evaluation information, academic performance, and other metrics are synthesized to achieve an informed and accurate representation of client needs and progress. The Treatment-by-Fact based approach pioneered by Turnbridge affords and the collaborative use of this information allows Turnbridge to offer clients more relevant and appropriate treatment and produce better treatment outcomes.