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Experiential Therapy: Laconia, NH

Experiential Therapy:

A weekend of camping, boating and…an Allman Brothers concert!!! Over the last weekend in August, the Turnbridge residents visited Laconia, NH for three nights of camping, boating and music. Brendan Paul, one of the foundation’s Program Coordinators and Turnbridge alum, says excursions like these provide not only a change of scenery, but a chance to experience “clean fun” in an outdoors environment. While in Laconia, the guys also had the opportunity to apply their recovery skills too: the group attended an Allman Brothers’ concert. “It’s the kind of opportunity we look for as an organization”, said Paul. “The guy’s were put into a real world situation and discovered that they can enjoy music or interact with other people without using. We had a long meeting around the campfire later that night. We talked about triggers, situational awareness and sober friends. It was very, very cool.” The group also used the trip as an opportunity for team building exercises: for example, everyone had a job or task they are held responsible for completing. Trips like these allow residents to apply what they’ve learned, individually and collectively, to life outside of the program.  In keeping with the Turnbridge philosophy, residents were exposed to real word situations while remaining in the supportive recovery environment.